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120+ Ugly Yet Cute Dog Names

Discover the ideal name for your beloved ugly dog right here! Explore my handpicked collection of 120+ unique and cute names, tailored for dogs that stand out from the crowd.

Whether your furry friend is big and clumsy or has a patchy coat, I’ve got the perfect name to celebrate their individuality. Embrace the charm of these extraordinary dog names and make your day even more special!

Humans find “ugly” dogs appealing because our perception of attractiveness is subjective, and unconventional or unique physical features can be intriguing and endearing. The “ugly-cute” effect comes into play, where unconventional features trigger feelings of affection and protectiveness.

Odd-looking dogs are considered cute because their distinctive appearance evokes a sense of novelty and charm, often accompanied by expressions or behaviors that we interpret as vulnerable or innocent.

Making an “ugly” dog your pet can be a rewarding experience as it allows you to prioritize qualities like loyalty and companionship over superficial looks.

Providing a loving and caring environment can make a significant difference in their lives, showcasing the beauty of acceptance and inclusivity beyond physical appearance.

The most important factor is selecting a name that resonates with you and your furry companion. It should reflect their personality, make them feel loved and special, and ultimately, be a name that you are proud to call out.

Ugly Dogs

120 Plus Dog Names For Ugly Dogs

35 Dog Names For Ugly Male Dogs

  1. Scruff: Messy fur.
  2. Gargoyle: Unique and unattractive appearance.
  3. Wrinkles: Excessive skin folds.
  4. Quasimodo: Hunched or deformed appearance.
  5. Goblin: Mischievous and peculiar look.
  6. Slobber: Excessive drooling.
  7. Moosh: Soft and squishy appearance.
  8. Grumble: Grumpy or irritable expression.
  9. Snort: Snorting sounds, possibly due to respiratory issues.
  10. Warty: Rough or bumpy skin resembling warts.
  11. Stumpy: Short legs or lack of tail.
  12. Droolius: Playful name for a drooling dog.
  13. Runt: Smallest or weakest puppy in a litter.
  14. Gremlin: Mischievous or impish appearance.
  15. Clumsy: Awkward or uncoordinated movements.
  16. Goober: Goofy or silly appearance or behavior.
  17. Slouch: Slumped or hunched posture.
  18. Splotch: Irregular patches or spots on the coat.
  19. Squat: Stocky or low-to-the-ground build.
  20. Chubby: Overweight or plump physique.
  21. Wobble: Unsteady or unstable gait.
  22. Squishy: Soft and squishy texture or appearance.
  23. Sluggo: Slow or sluggish movement.
  24. Wart: Protruding or rough skin resembling warts.
  25. Pugly: Playful combination of “pug” and “ugly.”
  26. Lump: Uneven or lumpy body shape.
  27. Quirk: Peculiar or quirky features or behaviors.
  28. Waddle: Waddling or clumsy walk.
  29. Grumpy: Grouchy or displeased expression.
  30. Oddball: Unusual or eccentric appearance.
  31. Flop: Relaxed collapsing or falling manner.
  32. Clatter: Loud and clattering noises while moving.
  33. Splat: Falling or landing in a messy manner.
  34. Jumble: Messy, mixed-up appearance.
  35. Squabby: Squat and chubby stature.

35 Dog Names For Ugly Male Dogs

35 Dog Names For Ugly Female Dogs

  1. Mopsy: Messy fur resembling a mop.
  2. Wartilda: Unattractive appearance with wart-like markings.
  3. Ruffles: Frizzy or disheveled fur.
  4. Splotchy: Irregular patches or spots on the coat.
  5. Quirky: Peculiar or eccentric features or behaviors.
  6. Snuffles: Frequent sniffing or congested nose.
  7. Fuzzy: Soft and fuzzy coat texture.
  8. Squiggle: Curvy or wavy body shape or markings.
  9. Goblette: Mischievous or unusual appearance.
  10. Wrinklette: Excessive folds and creases in the skin.
  11. Snaggletooth: Crooked or protruding teeth.
  12. Squatina: Stocky or compact physique.
  13. Dottie: Spotted or dotted coat appearance.
  14. Pudge: Round and plump physique.
  15. Wobbletina: Unsteady or wobbly gait.
  16. Slouchette: Slouched or hunched posture.
  17. Stubby: Short legs or lack of tail.
  18. Mooshette: Soft and squishy appearance.
  19. Slobberina: Excessive drooling.
  20. Bumpy: Rough or bumpy coat texture.
  21. Grotilda: Unattractive or unsightly appearance.
  22. Quirkette: Peculiar or quirky features or behaviors.
  23. Frumpy: Dowdy or unfashionable appearance.
  24. Snortina: Snorting sounds, possibly due to respiratory issues.
  25. Squishette: Soft and squishy texture or appearance.
  26. Chubs: Overweight or chubby physique.
  27. Waddlette: Waddling or clumsy walk.
  28. Sniffles: Frequent sniffing or congested nose.
  29. Sluggina: Slow or sluggish movement.
  30. Lumpette: Uneven or lumpy body shape.
  31. Crooked: Crooked or misaligned features.
  32. Puglet: Ugly appearance resembling a pug.
  33. Quasimoda: Hunched or deformed appearance.
  34. Splotchette: Irregular patches or spots on the coat.
  35. Oddette: Unusual or eccentric appearance.

35 Dog Names For Ugly Female Dogs

50 Plus Unique Unisex Names For Ugly Dogs

  1. Wiggles: Energetic or jiggly movement.
  2. Slop: Messy or sloppy appearance.
  3. Grunge: Dirty or unkempt appearance.
  4. Snaggle: Irregular or crooked features.
  5. Blemish: Noticeable imperfections or marks.
  6. Gnarly: Rough or twisted features.
  7. Tumble: Clumsy or prone to falling.
  8. Gobble: Messy or quick eating.
  9. Oddity: Unusual or peculiar physical features.
  10. Blotch: Large or irregular patches or marks.
  11. Squabble: Disheveled or messy appearance.
  12. Rummage: Constantly searching or digging around messily.
  13. Stumble: Unsteady or prone to tripping.
  14. Sniffle: Frequent sniffing or congested nose.
  15. Sploosh: Splashing or making a mess.
  16. Clunker: Heavy, awkward, or ungraceful movement.
  17. Lopsided: Uneven or asymmetrical appearance.
  18. Quiver: Trembling or shaking in an unsteady manner.
  19. Boggle: Bulging or protruding eyes.
  20. Shuffle: Shuffling or dragging walk.
  21. Wobblebutt: Unsteady or wobbly rear end while walking.
  22. Dangle: Loose or drooping skin.
  23. Wonky: Lopsided or off-kilter appearance.
  24. Grit: Tough or determined, despite unattractive features.
  25. Drizzle: Wet or greasy coat appearance.
  26. Scuffle: Noisy or disorderly scuffling or fighting.
  27. Snicker: Mischievous or sneaky expression.
  28. Slurp: Loud and messy drinking or eating sounds.
  29. Bumpkin: Clumsy or unsophisticated appearance.
  30. Crusty: Rough or scaly skin texture.
  31. Swizzle: Lively or swaying movements.
  32. Quibble: Tendency to argue or complain.
  33. Tangle: Frequently getting fur or leash tangled.
  34. Squirm: Restless or uncomfortable wriggling.
  35. Goo: Sticky or gooey appearance.
  36. Frizz: Frizzy or unruly fur texture.
  37. Blunder: Frequently making clumsy or foolish mistakes.
  38. Fumble: Uncoordinated or clumsy movements, particularly with paws.
  39. Doodle: Random or absentminded movements.
  40. Squawk: Loud and harsh vocalization or bark.
  41. Slump: Collapsing or falling in a relaxed manner.
  42. Droop: Sagging or drooping body parts or facial features.
  43. Flub: Making errors or failing to perform tasks gracefully.
  44. Snag: Snagged or tangled fur.
  45. Wince: Flinching or showing discomfort in facial expressions or body language.
  46. Gulp: Quickly swallowing or eating.
  47. Lumpy: Uneven or bumpy body contours or texture.
  48. Stumblebutt: Frequently stumbling or tripping due to uncoordinated movements.
  49. Quaver: Trembling or quivering in a shaky manner.
  50. Sputter: Sporadic or spluttering sounds or movements.
  51. Flop: Collapsing or falling down in a relaxed manner.
  52. Clatter: Creating loud and noisy sounds.
  53. Splat: Falling or landing in a messy manner.
  54. Jumble: Disorganized or tangled physically and in behavior.
  55. Squabby: Short and stocky in stature, often with unattractive physical features.

50 Plus Unique Unisex Names For Ugly Dogs

Tips To Select A Unique Name For Your Ugly Dog


Choosing a unique name allows you to personalize your ugly dog’s identity, setting them apart from other pets and showcasing their individuality. It helps create a special bond and strengthens the sense of ownership and connection between you and your furry friend.

Expressing Love

Selecting a name that shows your love for your ugly dog demonstrates the affection and care you have for them. It reflects the deep emotional connection you share and conveys the importance of their presence in your life.

Stand Out From The Crowd

An unusual or distinctive name for your ugly dog helps them stand out from the crowd. It becomes a conversation starter and can generate curiosity and interest among others, providing an opportunity to showcase your pet’s unique charm and personality.

Reflecting Personality

A unique name can capture your ugly dog’s personality traits or physical characteristics, making it a perfect fit. It allows you to choose a name that aligns with their quirks, behavior, or appearance, further enhancing their individuality.

Memorable And Fun

A distinct and creative name adds an element of fun and memorability to your ugly dog’s identity. It brings joy and amusement to those who hear or interact with your pet, creating a positive and memorable experience for everyone involved.

Pride And Ownership

By selecting a unique and appealing name, you can feel proud and confident in calling out your dog’s name. It reflects your love and care for your pet, and it becomes a source of pride as you introduce them to others, showcasing the special bond you share with your beloved ugly dog.

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