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Sunbeam Sonic Egg Bark Control Device Review

In the quest for peace and tranquility, households worldwide have long struggled with the challenge of incessant dog barking. Whether it’s the unwavering yaps from your canine companion or the noisy barks from the neighbor’s dog, there’s no denying the need for an effective solution. Enter the Sunbeam Sonic Egg Bark Control Device – a groundbreaking gadget that promises to keep those troublesome barks at bay.

Sunbeam Sonic Egg Bark Control Device – A Sound Solution to Barking Problems

Sunbeam Sonic Egg Bark Control Device - A Sound Solution to Barking Problems


Quick Features

  • Pet-Safe Ultrasonic Sound: Emits sound only dogs hear, deterring excessive barking
  • Flexible Design: Battery-operated, suitable for various placement options
  • 50-Foot Range: Effective in large areas, covering significant distances
  • LED Indicator: Shows usage; alerts when battery replacement is needed
  • Adjustable Settings: The dial allows selection between low, medium, and high ranges
  • Weatherproof Build: Resilient against weather elements but not submersible

Detailed Review

Pet-Safe Ultrasonic Sound

The Sunbeam Sonic Egg’s primary function relies on its ability to emit a pet-safe, ultrasonic sound, which is inaudible to humans but perceptible to dogs. This sound is emitted at three levels, each suited to different scenarios. Such a method, which professional dog trainers employ, works effectively to deter not just your dogs but also those from the neighborhood.

Pet-Safe Ultrasonic Sound

Flexible and Convenient Design

This device is not just about functionality but also versatility. Whether you live in a small apartment or a spacious house, the Sunbeam Sonic Egg is designed to adapt. Its battery-operated nature (requiring one 9V battery) offers it a significant edge in portability. Plus, with a 50-foot range, you can either let it stand alone, mount it to a wall, or even hang it from a fence or tree, ensuring that wherever the barking originates, the device can be placed accordingly.

LED Indicator for Ease of Use

A small but incredibly useful feature is the LED indicator light on the device. This light shows when the device is in use and serves as an alert system by changing to red when it’s time for a battery replacement. Such features enhance user experience, ensuring you’re never caught off-guard by a dead battery.

Effective Range and Placement

While the device boasts a 50-foot range, users can adjust the settings based on their needs. With a dial that can be changed to suit various situations, it’s a device that can be tweaked to your preference. The low setting reaches up to 15 feet, medium up to 30 feet, and high up to 50 feet. For optimal results, the Sonic Egg should be placed about 5 feet off the ground, directly facing the source of the barking.

Effective Range and Placement

Maintenance and Care

Although designed to be weatherproof, the Sunbeam Sonic Egg is not to be submerged in water. When it comes to cleaning, a damp cloth suffices. Avoid any chemical cleaners, and always remember to remove the battery before any cleaning attempt.

Optimal Performance

For those seeking the best results, minimizing obstructions between the dog and the device is crucial. Alongside the placement suggestions, turning off the device when not in use is also recommended. This ensures dogs don’t become desensitized to the sound and conserves battery life.

Sunbeam Sonic Egg Bark Device – Pros & Cons


  • Only dogs hear the deterrent, ensuring human comfort
  • Adaptable to various locations, from walls to trees
  • Covers up to 50 feet, catering to larger areas
  • Provides clear battery status and usage at a glance
  • Resilient in most weather conditions, ensuring durability


  • Cannot be immersed in water, limiting cleaning methods
  • 9V battery required but not included in the package
  • Dogs might get used to the sound over time
  • Doesn’t address aggressive behavior or other dog issues
  • Not to be used near human ears, requiring care

Sunbeam Sonic Egg Bark Device – Pros & Cons

Final Words

The Sunbeam Sonic Egg Bark Control Device is a practical solution for households troubled by constant dog barking. Its balance of effective technology and user-friendly design promises a quieter environment for its users.

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