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Queenmew Anti Barking Device Review

Excessive barking can become a significant concern for dog owners and their surroundings. The Queenmew Anti Barking Device claims to remedy this, offering an ultrasonic solution to keep those noisy canines in check.

Queenmew Anti Barking Device Review

Queenmew Anti Barking Device


Quick Overview

  • Range: 33 feet
  • Battery Life: 15 days (with 5-hour full charge)
  • Standby Time: 30 days
  • Input Voltage: 3.7V
  • Ultrasonic Frequency: 15KHZ-30KHZ

Queenmew Anti Barking Device – Detailed Review

Safety and Efficacy

Safety is paramount when considering pet products. Thankfully, this barking control device is tailored for all dog sizes, ranging from 5 to 120 lbs, and is recommended for dogs aged between 6 months to 8 years. This comprehensive coverage ensures peace of mind for owners of multiple dogs with varying sizes.

Safety and Efficacy

Broad Working Range

One of the standout features is its expansive 33 feet control range. Whether it’s an overly enthusiastic pooch next door or strays causing a ruckus, the device is designed to bring serenity back into your environment. The wide range is especially crucial for those with larger outdoor spaces or for those who want to ensure peace in the neighborhood.

Impressive Battery Life

Nobody wants to be recharging devices continuously. The Queenmew Anti Barking Device alleviates this concern with its commendable 15-day working time off, a mere 5-hour charge. Plus, with a standby time of 30 days, it’s perfect for those who might occasionally forget to plug it in.

Diverse Ultrasonic Waves

Dogs, like humans, can adapt. The device utilizes three distinct sound waves to combat this: stable, undulating, and irregular frequencies. This diversity ensures that our furry friends don’t grow accustomed to a single tone, preserving the tool’s efficiency over prolonged periods.

Diverse Ultrasonic Waves

Versatile Training Tool

Beyond merely deterring barks, this device doubles up as a trainer. From preventing digging sprees in the garden to halting furniture destruction indoors, it’s equipped to handle a plethora of canine misdemeanors. However, it’s essential to note that its effectiveness might not be universal, especially with more aggressive dogs, which the device does not cater to.


  • Suitable for a wide range of dog sizes and ages
  • Extensive 33 feet control range for broader coverage
  • Long-lasting battery life with a short recharge time
  • Varied ultrasonic frequencies prevent dogs from adapting
  • Acts as both a silencer and a behavioral trainer


  • The device is ineffective against aggressive dogs
  • USB-powered recharging may not be convenient for all users, especially outdoors.
  • Some behaviors might be harder to deter, especially in stubborn breeds

Customer Feedback

People who liked Queenmew

  • Customers raved about the extensive 33-foot range, mentioning it managed not only their own pet’s barking but also addressed the noisy neighbor’s dog.
  • Several users highlighted the impressive battery life, noting that it lasted for weeks without needing a recharge, making it incredibly convenient.
  • Many buyers appreciated the device’s multifunctionality, stating that it silenced barks and helped train their dogs away from other unwanted behaviors.

People who Didn’t like Queenmew

  • Some people who used this device pointed out its ineffectiveness against aggressive breeds, expressing disappointment that it couldn’t address all barking issues.
  • A few users lamented the USB charging, mentioning it wasn’t always convenient to charge, especially when used outdoors.
  • Several buyers observed that while the diverse ultrasonic frequencies were a novel idea, their dogs seemed to eventually adapt, reducing the device’s efficacy over time.

Customer Feedback

Final Words: Should You Buy Queenmew Anti-Barking Device?

The Queenmew Anti Barking Device is a tech-savvy answer to an age-old problem. While it boasts impressive features and conveniences, users must recognize its limitations. Still, it could be a game-changer for those struggling with incessant barking or minor behavioral issues.

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