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Lentek Super Bark Free Dog Training Device Review

The Lentek Bark Free Dog Training Device offers a unique approach to train our canine friends to curb unnecessary barking. By harnessing the power of sound, it eliminates the need for physical measures, promising a humane and effective solution to this common dog behavior challenge.

Lentek Bark Free Dog Training Device

Lentek Bark Free Dog Training Device

Quick Overview

  • Range: 25-foot bark detection radius
  • Power Cord Length: 50-foot cord
  • Ultrasonic Frequency: Specific frequency range audible only to dogs and cats

Lentek Bark Free Dog Training Device – Detailed Review

Sound-Based Training

Leveraging the principle of “Negative Reinforcement using Sound,” the Bark Free device provides a departure from traditional training methods. Instead of shocks or physical discomfort, it employs sounds as deterrents. This humane method ensures your dog’s physical well-being while efficiently addressing the barking issue.


With a barking detection capability of up to 25 feet, the device ensures that your dog’s barking won’t go unnoticed, even from a distance. This feature is especially useful for outdoor spaces or larger indoor areas where your dog might roam freely.


Versatility Across Breeds and Sizes

One of the standout features of the Lentek Bark Free Device is its universal application. Regardless of your dog’s size or breed, the device promises efficacy. Whether you own a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, this tool has got you covered.

Customizable Settings

A feature setting it apart from many competitors, the Bark Free device boasts a sound selector. Owners have the flexibility to choose between ultrasonic frequencies, which are typically inaudible to humans but perceptible to dogs and cats, and lower sound tones that fall within the human hearing range. This allows for a tailored approach to dogs training.

Customizable Settings

Extended Power Cord

A generous 50-foot power cord ensures hassle-free positioning of the device. This lengthy cord allows users to place the device in optimal locations, ensuring maximum coverage and effectiveness. Whether you wish to position it indoors or outdoors, its reach offers convenience.


  • Humane training method without the use of shocks or physical pulses
  • Effective on all dog breeds and sizes
  • Choice of frequency settings caters to the dog’s sensitivity and the owner’s preference
  • Extended power cord facilitates easy placement and positioning


  • Dogs with hearing issues might not respond as effectively to the device
  • Depending on household acoustics, humans might occasionally hear the selected frequencies
  • The 25-foot bark detection radius might not be sufficient for larger properties

Extended Power Cord

User Feedback

People who liked Lentek

  • Several customers appreciated the 25-foot bark detection radius, noting it effectively curbed barking even in spacious backyards.
  • Users frequently mentioned the 50-foot power cord as a significant advantage, allowing them to position the device wherever they deemed fit.
  • Many buyers lauded the choice of ultrasonic and audible frequencies, highlighting how it offers flexibility in training methods.

People who didn’t like Lentek

  • Some users pointed out that the 25-foot detection radius was insufficient for larger properties or open spaces.
  • A few customers expressed concerns about the frequencies, stating that, in certain settings, the supposed ultrasonic mode was faintly audible to human ears.
  • Some people who used this device with multiple dogs observed inconsistent reactions, suggesting it might not be universally effective across all breeds and sizes.

User Feedback

Final Words: Should I buy Lentek Super Bark?

The Lentek Bark Free Dog Training Device stands out as a beacon of innovation in dog training. Offering a sound-based, humane method combined with a suite of user-friendly features, it provides a comprehensive solution for excessive barking. Potential buyers should, however, take note of the device’s limitations and assess its suitability based on individual needs.

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