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175+ Dog Names That Mean Love

Love is an intense emotion we often feel for our canine companions. We consistently place our pets on a pedestal, treating them in unique and special ways.

Selecting a name for your new puppy is an exciting endeavor, yet it can be challenging to find a distinctive name that resonates with your dog’s personality, appearance, and breed, and doesn’t mirror the names of every other dog at the park.

Dog Love

175+ Sweet & Cute Dog Names That Mean Love

Whether you’re considering welcoming a furry family member or have recently adopted a lovable pup, it’s essential to choose a name that you cherish as deeply as your newfound buddy. Here’s a curated list of chic and endearing dog names, perfect for expressing your deep love and affection for your canine companion. Choose a distinctive name from this collection and bestow upon your pup a timeless gift that will last a lifetime.

Male Dog Names That Mean Love

  • Frigg
  • Apple
  • Sugar
  • Lucy
  • Ricky
  • Perfume
  • Amor
  • Hart
  • Eros
  • Aspen
  • Sorrel
  • Aster
  • Fern
  • Willow
  • Sage
  • Thistle
  • Passion
  • Cupid
  • Beau
  • Charmer
  • Darling
  • Flame
  • Huggy
  • Loverboy
  • Valento
  • Lovie
  • Swoon
  • Affection
  • Devote
  • Heartfelt
  • Jewel
  • Precious
  • Serenade
  • Wooer

Male Dog Names For Love

Female Dog Names That Mean Love

  • Amora
  • Venus
  • Cari
  • Luv
  • Rosy
  • Enchant
  • Honey
  • Passionette
  • Sweetpea
  • Kissy
  • Adora
  • Lovebug
  • Valentine
  • Grace
  • Embrace
  • Dearest
  • Blossom
  • Petal
  • Marigold
  • Dahlia
  • Meadow
  • Lavender
  • Poppy
  • Flora
  • Bluebell
  • Camellia
  • Fondness
  • Romance
  • Snuggle
  • Trueheart
  • Charm
  • Rosebud
  • Loyal

Female Dog Names For Love

Most Lovely Dog Names Ever

  • Poet
  • Serendipity
  • Rhapsody
  • Sonnet
  • Lyric
  • Dreamer
  • Desire
  • Moonbeam
  • Stardust
  • Candle
  • Whimsy
  • Fantasia
  • Devotion
  • Melody
  • Waltz
  • Amaretto
  • Sparkle
  • Whisper
  • Soulmate
  • Lovelight
  • Forever
  • Allure
  • Luster
  • Dazzle
  • Euphoria
  • Beloved

Most Lovely Dog Names Ever

Gender-Neutral Dog Names That Mean “Love”

  • Lovely: A dog name capturing the essence of something beautiful, endearing, and delightful.
  • Ashiq: An Arabic term expressing deep affection and love.
  • Priya: A cherished name from Sanskrit meaning “beloved”.
  • Carino: A tender Spanish word for endearment and affection.
  • Aimee: Capturing the essence of being cherished in French.
  • Mila: A short but heartfelt Russian term for “loved one”.
  • Liebe: The universal sentiment of “love” in the German tongue.
  • Aşk: A Turkish expression capturing profound passion and love.
  • Amado: The Spanish word evoking the feeling of being adored.
  • Suki: A Japanese term reflecting the emotion of being cherished.
  • Amante: Romantic Italian for one who is deeply loved.
  • Pendo: Swahili’s gentle term for “love”.
  • Szerelem: Hungary’s heartwarming rendition of love.
  • Laska: A Czech term holding the essence of endearing love.
  • Amore: The iconic Italian expression for passionate love.
  • Agapi: Ancient and modern Greek’s profound term for love.
  • Cinta: Indonesian’s beautiful word for love and affection.
  • Prem: Hindi’s soulful expression of pure love.
  • Hub: An Arabic term capturing the core of love.
  • Carita: Spanish term for one held dearly in the heart.
  • Rakkaus: Finnish’s tender and pure expression of love.
  • Mahal: The Filipino term that echoes deep affection.
  • Amour: French’s timeless and classic term for love.
  • Meile: Lithuanian’s soft-spoken word for love.
  • Grá: The Irish term capturing the heart’s deepest affection.
  • Ljubav: Croatian’s heartfelt word for love and passion.
  • Elsker: Danish’s term expressing the action of loving.
  • Kaerlighed: A Danish word capturing the essence of deep love.
  • Karlek: Swedish’s beautiful term for the emotion of love.
  • Liefde: The Dutch word that resonates with affection and love.

Dog Names That Mean “Love”

Dog Names Inspired From Top Romantic Couples

  • Cleo: The queenly half of ancient lovers, Cleopatra & Mark Antony.
  • Bonnie: The daring female counterpart of the infamous Bonnie & Clyde duo.
  • Marc: Cleopatra’s passionate lover, Marc Antony.
  • Heath: The tormented soul of Wuthering Heights, Heathcliff to Catherine.
  • Cathy: The object of Heathcliff’s undying love in Wuthering Heights.
  • Darcy: The proud, captivating suitor of Elizabeth in “Pride and Prejudice”.
  • Lizzie: The intelligent and spirited Elizabeth of “Pride and Prejudice”.
  • Paris: The Trojan prince who fell deeply for Helen, sparking a war.
  • Romeo: Verona’s most tragic lover, from the tale of Romeo & Juliet.
  • Juliet: The star-crossed lover of Romeo in Shakespeare’s classic.
  • Tristan: The brave knight forever bound to Isolde in medieval legend.
  • Isolde: The beautiful maiden who shared an eternal love with Tristan.
  • Robin: Sherwood Forest’s legendary outlaw who loved Maid Marian.
  • Marian: Robin Hood’s beloved and the fairest maiden of Sherwood.
  • Lancelot: The valiant knight who loved the queen, Guinevere.
  • Guin: Arthurian legend’s queen, Guinevere, beloved of Lancelot.
  • Rhett: The roguish charmer from “Gone with the Wind” who adored Scarlett.
  • Scarlett: The fiery heroine of “Gone with the Wind”, paired with Rhett.
  • Jack: The star-crossed lover aboard Titanic, drawn to Rose.
  • Rose: The heart of “Titanic”, whose heart went on for Jack.
  • Edward: The brooding vampire who found love in Bella in “Twilight”.
  • Bella: The mortal who fell for the immortal, Edward, in “Twilight”.
  • Noah: The unwavering lover from “The Notebook”, devoted to Allie.
  • Allie: The heart Noah wrote to in “The Notebook”.
  • Leo: Named after Leonardo, one-half of Hollywood’s iconic pairing.
  • Kate: The silver screen’s star, forever linked with Leonardo.
  • Orpheus: The mythic musician who braved the underworld for Eurydice.
  • Eury: Eurydice, the muse who inspired Orpheus’ fateful journey.
  • Pyramus: The doomed lover in a tale older than Romeo & Juliet.
  • Thisbe: The beloved of Pyramus, a testament to love’s sacrifice.

Dog Names Inspired From Top Romantic Couples

More Cool Dog Name Ideas

  • Amity
  • Cherish
  • Dulce
  • Harmony
  • Bliss
  • Serene
  • Chara
  • Fidel
  • Enamor
  • Pax
  • Adore
  • Solace
  • Tendre
  • Delight
  • Kindred
  • Hug
  • Rapture
  • Zen
  • Mirth (Joy)
  • Sweetie
  • Blissful
  • Heart
  • Ardor
  • Dove
  • Serenity
  • Cuddle
  • Treasure
  • Warmth
  • Eunoia
  • Haven

More Cool Dog Name Ideas

Tips For Selecting You Pups Lovely Name

Personal Resonance

Names that hold sentimental value can strengthen the bond between you and your pet. By choosing a name linked to a cherished memory or a special place, you’re integrating your dog further into your life’s narrative and personal history.

Easy Pronunciation

Simplicity aids in recall and recognition. Names that are straightforward to pronounce will ensure that everyone, from family members to strangers, can easily address your dog. Moreover, a name that rolls off the tongue will likely be one that your dog responds to swiftly.

Consider The Sound

The acoustics of a name play a pivotal role in training and bonding. Short and sharp names, especially those with distinct sounds, grab a dog’s attention more effectively, making training commands more seamless and interaction more intuitive.

Reflect Their Personality

A dog’s name can be an extension of their temperament and character. By naming them based on their personality traits—be it their gentleness, energy, or affectionate nature—you’re celebrating who they are and acknowledging their individuality.

Test It Out

A name’s suitability often becomes evident when vocalized. By trying out the name in various tones and observing your dog’s reactions, you can gauge how well it aligns with their demeanor and whether it captures their attention.


Just as with naming a child, it’s essential to think long-term when naming your pup. Opting for a timeless name rather than a fleeting trend will ensure your dog’s name remains relevant and cherished throughout their lifetime.

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