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100 Amazing Dog Names For Your Amazing Yorkie

Welcoming a Yorkie into your family is a delightful experience that fosters a strong and loving bond. As you become a Yorkie parent, you’ll witness their playful and affectionate nature, cherishing the moments of joy they bring to your home.

The responsibilities of Yorkie parenthood involve providing them with care, love, and attention, and also selecting a cute name for your dog, resulting in a fulfilling and rewarding relationship that lasts a lifetime.

I’ve compiled an extensive list of 100 names to spark your creativity and assist you in finding the perfect name for your beloved Yorkshire Terrier. Take a look through the options and find the ideal name that suits your adorable Yorkie best.


25 Dog Names For Yorkies Male

  1. Moose – Strong and majestic like the animal.
  2. Rocco – Tough and energetic, with a hint of playfulness.
  3. Jack – A classic and friendly name for your Yorkshire Terrier.
  4. Theo – Short for “Theodore,” meaning gift of God.
  5. Winston – Exuding an air of sophistication and charm.
  6. Dexter – Clever and skillful, with a mischievous side.
  7. Bentley – Regal and elegant, like the luxury car.
  8. Archie – Lively and spirited, perfect for an energetic pup.
  9. Ozzy – Edgy and cool, reflecting a strong personality.
  10. Blinky – Fun and curious, capturing your Yorkie’s playful nature.
  11. Logan – A strong and enduring name for a resilient pup.
  12. Samson – Symbolizing strength and power, a great fit for a sturdy Yorkie.
  13. Chester – Friendly and affectionate, making a loyal companion.
  14. Rascal – Full of mischief and fun, adding a touch of adventure.
  15. Tiger – Displaying a bold and fearless attitude.
  16. Prancer – Energetic and graceful, just like a prancing dog.
  17. Bear – Warm and cuddly, resembling a little bear cub.
  18. Mason – Steady and reliable, a name for a steadfast companion.
  19. Bixby – Quirky and unique, perfect for a one-of-a-kind Yorkie.
  20. Hercules – Strong and heroic, embodying bravery and valor.
  21. Noah – Gentle and kind-hearted, like the biblical figure.
  22. Zeus – Powerful and mighty, a name befitting a majestic Yorkie.
  23. Dylan – Artistic and soulful, a name with a creative spirit.
  24. Cooper – Sociable and friendly, great for an outgoing pup.
  25. Ethan – Strong and firm, a name for a determined and resolute dog.

25 Dog Names For Yorkies Male

25 Dog Names For Yorkies Female

  1. Sunflower – Bright and radiant, just like the flower.
  2. Hazel – A warm and gentle name for a sweet Yorkie.
  3. Mocha – Reflecting rich color and a touch of sweetness.
  4. Riley – Lively and spirited, a name for an energetic pup.
  5. Luna – Representing the moon, a name for a mysterious and elegant dog.
  6. Chloe – Meaning “blooming,” perfect for a blossoming Yorkie.
  7. Penny – A name signifying wealth and good fortune.
  8. Blossom – Symbolizing growth and beauty, fitting for a flourishing pup.
  9. Willow – Graceful and flexible, like the slender tree.
  10. Gabby – Chatty and expressive, capturing a talkative Yorkie.
  11. Dakota – Strong and independent, like the North American tribe.
  12. Gracie – Graceful and elegant, reflecting poise and charm.
  13. Rosie – A name for a Yorkie full of warmth and affection.
  14. Sophie – Wise and clever, perfect for an intelligent pup.
  15. Piper – Energetic and lively, like the musical instrument.
  16. Sasha – Meaning “defender of mankind,” for a protective Yorkie.
  17. Maya – Sweet and affectionate, a name for a loving companion.
  18. Emma – Simple and classic, ideal for a timeless pup.
  19. Harley – Spunky and adventurous, perfect for a daring dog.
  20. Petal – Delicate and beautiful, akin to a flower’s petal.
  21. Pebbles – Small and charming, like smooth river pebbles.
  22. Willow – Representing grace and flexibility, a fitting name for an agile pup.
  23. Precious – Valuable and cherished, symbolizing deep affection.
  24. Chi Chi – Fun and playful, capturing a lively Yorkie’s spirit.
  25. Piper – Meaning “flute player,” for a musical and spirited pup.

25 Dog Names For Yorkies Female

25 Food Inspired Dog Names For Yorkshire Terrier

These food inspired names celebrate delicious treats and qualities that make your Yorkie a delightful and lovable companion.

  1. Pumpkin – Warm and comforting, like the seasonal vegetable.
  2. Popsicle – Sweet and refreshing, resembling a frozen treat.
  3. Mochi – Soft and delightful, just like the Japanese rice cake.
  4. Jellybean – Colorful and sweet, perfect for an adorable pup.
  5. Scone – A classic and tasty name, fitting for a delightful Yorkie.
  6. Waffles – Fun and playful, like the beloved breakfast food.
  7. Cheesecake – Rich and indulgent, a name for a special Yorkie.
  8. Blueberry – Sweet and vibrant, just like the berry.
  9. Cupid – Endearing and charming, symbolizing love and affection.
  10. Dumpling – Adorable and round, resembling the beloved food.
  11. Tiramisu – Elegant and sophisticated, perfect for a refined pup.
  12. Pretzel – A unique and twisty name for an original Yorkie.
  13. Marshmallow – Soft and fluffy, just like the sweet treat.
  14. Noodle – Lively and playful, capturing the pup’s energetic nature.
  15. Macaron – Stylish and dainty, fitting for a fashionable dog.
  16. Sushi – Sleek and elegant, resembling the delicate Japanese dish.
  17. Pistachio – A cool and nutty name, ideal for a unique pup.
  18. Honeydew – Fresh and sweet, like the melon fruit.
  19. Caramel – Rich and smooth, perfect for a sweet and lovable Yorkie.
  20. Snickers – Playful and mischievous, just like the candy bar.
  21. Pudding – Smooth and creamy, symbolizing coziness and comfort.
  22. Brine – A salty and tangy name, adding a touch of uniqueness.
  23. Truffle – Elegant and refined, like the luxurious delicacy.
  24. Pecan – Nutty and charming, resembling the tasty nut.
  25. Bubble – Bubbly and fun, capturing the pup’s lively personality.

25 Food Inspired Dog Names For Yorkshire Terrier

25 Other Awesome Dog Names For Yorkshire Terrier

  1. Rocky – Resilient and strong, just like a rock.
  2. Ginger – Fiery and spirited, perfect for a lively Yorkie.
  3. Bubbles – Playful and bubbly, capturing a fun-loving nature.
  4. Teddy – Cuddly and huggable, like a teddy bear.
  5. Zoey – Full of life and vibrancy, a name for a lively pup.
  6. Princess – Regal and elegant, ideal for a pampered Yorkie.
  7. Lucky – Fortunate and blessed, symbolizing good luck.
  8. Button – Cute and adorable, fitting for a tiny Yorkie.
  9. Oscar – Dignified and distinguished, a name for a refined dog.
  10. Maverick – Independent and daring, perfect for an adventurous pup.
  11. Daisy – Sweet and innocent, like the flower it represents.
  12. Cookie – Sweet and tasty, resembling a delicious treat.
  13. Lucy – Light and radiant, just like the name’s meaning.
  14. Hunter – Brave and determined, symbolizing a strong-willed pup.
  15. Peaches – Soft and sweet, like the fruit it represents.
  16. Ziggy – Playful and quirky, a name for an energetic Yorkie.
  17. Bella – Beautiful and graceful, a fitting name for an elegant pup.
  18. Gizmo – Clever and innovative, ideal for an intelligent dog.
  19. Dixie – Southern and charming, capturing a warm personality.
  20. Max – Short for “Maximus,” meaning the greatest or most excellent.
  21. Coco – Chic and stylish, perfect for a fashionable pup.
  22. Rex – Majestic and regal, symbolizing power and strength.
  23. Sparky – Energetic and lively, a name for a spirited pup.
  24. Daisy – Sweet and innocent, like the flower it represents.
  25. Toby – Friendly and approachable, a name for an amiable Yorkie.

25 Other Awesome Dog Names For Yorkshire Terrier

Selecting The Best And Perfect Name For Yorkies

Personality And Traits

Observe your Yorkie’s personality traits, behavior, and characteristics to choose a name that reflects their individuality. If your pup is lively and energetic, names like Sparky or Bubbles could be fitting, while a gentle and affectionate dog may suit names like Bella or Teddy.

Size And Appearance

Consider your Yorkie’s size and physical features when selecting a name. Names like Peanut or Tiny can be perfect for small-sized Yorkies, while names like Rex or Hercules may suit larger, more robust pups.

Breed Standards

Research the breed’s origins and standards to find names that align with their history or origin. For Yorkies, names like Duchess or Winston, which evoke regal qualities, could be a great fit.

Avoid Confusion

Choose a name that is distinct and easy to pronounce. Avoid names that sound similar to common commands or family member names, as this can cause confusion during training or daily interactions.

Family Input

Involve your family or household members in the naming process. Everyone’s input can lead to a name that resonates with everyone and strengthens the bond between your Yorkie and the family.

Test The Name

Before finalizing a name, try calling it out multiple times to see how it sounds and if it feels right for your Yorkie. A name that rolls off the tongue easily and feels natural when spoken will likely be a good fit.

Long-Term Appeal

Consider the longevity of the name. Choose a name that will suit your Yorkie at different stages of their life, from puppyhood to adulthood, as well as a name you’ll still love many years down the road.

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