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100+ Unisex & Gender-Neutral Dog Names With Meanings

Welcoming a new pup into your family is a joyous and unforgettable occasion. Selecting a unique, unisex and gender neutral name for your furry friend can make the bond even more special. Choosing a distinctive name not only sets your dog apart but also sparks conversations and curiosity. A name like “Apple,” “Coco,” or “Snow” resonates with both male and female pups, ensuring their identity remains as one-of-a-kind as they are.


100+ Unisex & Gender-Neutral Dog Names With Meanings

If you’re on the hunt for a charming unisex name for your cherished furry companion, you’ve landed in the right spot. Here’s a curated list of distinctive names suitable for both male and female dogs. Choose a standout, captivating name for your delightful new pet.

  • Alex – Short form of Alexander or Alexandra, meaning “defender of the people”.
  • Angel – A celestial being or someone pure and innocent.
  • Apple – A popular fruit.
  • Ash – Residue from fire; also a type of tree.
  • Aspen – A type of tree.
  • Bailey – An outer wall of a castle; also a popular personal name.
  • Bear – A large wild mammal; denotes strength.
  • Berry – A small pulpy fruit.
  • Blaze – A strong fire or flame.
  • Blue – A color, often associated with the sky or ocean.
  • Brook – A small stream.
  • Brownie – A chocolate dessert; or small mythical creature.
  • Bubbles – Spherical pockets of gas in liquid.
  • Buddy – A friend.

100 Plus Best Unisex & Gender Neutral Dog Names With Meanings

  • Caramel – A sweet chewy candy.
  • Casey – Of Celtic origin, meaning “vigilant or watchful”.
  • Charlie – Diminutive form of Charles.
  • Cherry – A small, round, red fruit.
  • Chip – A small piece broken off, or a thin slice of food.
  • Coco – Often associated with chocolate or coconut.
  • Cookie – A baked treat.
  • Dakota – Native American tribe; means “friend” or “ally”.
  • Daisy – A type of flower.
  • Dobby – The house elf from “Harry Potter”.
  • Echo – A sound reflection.
  • Eden – A biblical paradise.
  • Fern – A type of plant.
  • Finn – Of Irish origin, meaning “white or fair”.
  • Fluffy – Something light and soft.
  • Frankie – Diminutive form of names like Frank or Frances.
  • Ginger – A spicy root; or a reddish-brown color.
  • Goldie – Related to the color gold or something precious.
  • Harper – One who plays the harp.
  • Hazel – A type of tree; or a color between green and brown.
  • Honey – A sweet substance made by bees.


  • Indie – Short for “independent”.
  • Ivory – Material from tusks; denotes whiteness and purity.
  • Jade – A green precious stone.
  • Jamie – Diminutive form of James.
  • Jasper – A type of gemstone.
  • Jellybean – A sweet, bean-shaped candy.
  • Jesse – Of Hebrew origin, meaning “gift”.
  • Jet – A type of black stone; or short for “jet engine”.
  • Joey – Baby kangaroo; or diminutive form of Joseph.
  • Jordan – A river in the Middle East.
  • Kelsey – Of Old English origin, meaning “ship’s victory”.
  • Kimchi – A Korean fermented vegetable dish.
  • Kit – Short for Christopher or Katherine.


  • Leaf – Part of a plant.
  • Lemon – A sour yellow fruit.
  • Lucky – Fortunate.
  • Luna – Latin for “moon”.
  • Mango – A tropical fruit.
  • Maple – A type of tree or its syrup.
  • Marley – Could be inspired by Bob Marley or means “pleasant seaside meadow”.
  • Marshmallow – A soft, sweet candy.
  • Micky – Diminutive form of Michael.
  • Mocha – A type of coffee; or chocolate-coffee flavor.
  • Morgan – Of Old Welsh origin, meaning “sea circle”.
  • Nala – The lioness from “The Lion King”.


  • Nemo – The clownfish from “Finding Nemo”; Latin for “no one”.
  • Olive – A type of fruit; symbol of peace.
  • Oreo – A popular sandwich cookie.
  • Parker – Occupational name for a park keeper.
  • Peaches – A sweet fruit.
  • Peanut – A type of legume.
  • Pepper – A spicy condiment.
  • Pippin – A type of apple; a character from “Lord of the Rings”.
  • Poppy – A type of flower.
  • Pumpkin – A round, orange vegetable.


  • Rainbow – Multicolored arc in the sky.
  • Raven – A large black bird.
  • Reese – Could be inspired by Reese’s candy or of Welsh origin, meaning “ardor”.
  • Riley – Of Old English origin, meaning “rye clearing”.
  • Robin – A type of bird.
  • Rocky – Having lots of rocks or a strong fighter.
  • Rose – A type of flower.
  • Rusty – Oxidized metal; reddish-brown color.
  • Sage – A herb; or wise person.
  • Sammy – Diminutive form of Samuel or Samantha.
  • Sandy – Related to sand; or diminutive form of Sandra.
  • Scooby – The dog from “Scooby-Doo”.
  • Scout – To search or a young person in scouting organizations.
  • Shadow – An area where light is blocked.
  • Simba – The lion from “The Lion King”; means “lion” in Swahili.
  • Sky – The expanse above us.
  • Smokey – Filled with smoke or the bear mascot for forest fire prevention.


  • Snickers – A candy bar.
  • Snow – Frozen precipitation.
  • Snowflake – An individual ice crystal.
  • Sprout – A shoot from a seed.
  • Star – A shining celestial body.
  • Stormy – Related to a storm.
  • Sunny – Bright and filled with sunlight.
  • Taffy – A type of chewy candy.
  • Taylor – Occupational name for a tailor.
  • Teddy – Diminutive form of Edward or Theodore; or a stuffed toy bear.
  • Terry – Diminutive form of Terence or Teresa.


  • Tinker – To fiddle with something; or Tinker Bell, the fairy from Peter Pan.
  • Toast – Bread browned by exposure to radiant heat.
  • Tofu – A food made from soybeans.
  • Tommy – Diminutive form of Thomas.
  • Tulip – A type of flower.
  • Twig – A small branch.
  • Vanilla – A type of flavor derived from orchids.
  • Willow – A type of tree.
  • Winter – The coldest season of the year.
  • Wren – A small, brown bird.
  • Ziggy – Could be inspired by Ziggy Stardust, an alter ego of David Bowie.
  • Zoey – A variation of Zoe, meaning “life” in Greek.


Why To Select A Unisex And Gender Neutral Dog Name For Your Pet Dog?

Focus On Personality

By choosing a unisex name, owners can concentrate more on selecting a name that matches the dog’s unique personality, characteristics, or appearance, rather than being influenced by gender norms or expectations.

Timelessness And Age Appropriateness

Gender-neutral names often possess a timeless quality. As your dog matures, the name remains fitting, avoiding potential mismatches that can arise when naming a pet based on their juvenile traits.

Avoid Stereotypes

Just as humans face gender stereotypes, pets too can be subjected to certain behaviors or traits based on their names. A neutral name eliminates potential biases and allows your dog to be perceived just as they are, without gendered expectations.

Conversation Starter

A unique, unisex name can spark interest and curiosity, making it a conversation starter with fellow dog lovers and in social settings. It can be a great way to share your pet’s unique story or the reason behind their name.

Inclusive Naming

Embracing unisex names reflects a more progressive and inclusive approach to naming, resonating with the broader societal shift towards breaking traditional gender norms and promoting equality.

Flexibility In Choosing

Often, determining a puppy’s gender might be unclear, especially if adopting at a very young age. A gender-neutral name removes the pressure to assign a strictly male or female name before being certain of the pet’s sex.

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