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150+ Names For Your Grumpy But Wise Doggo

Adopting an old dog brings a unique joy and responsibility into a household. These seasoned companions, brimming with wisdom and grace, often come with established personalities, making the bond instant and deep.

However, one challenge that might arise is the naming process. Whether you’re contemplating giving your old furry friend a fresh start with a new name or seeking a traditional, old-fashioned moniker that resonates with their age and aura, the task requires thoughtfulness.

Old Dogs

150+ Dog Names For Old Dogs

Names For Old Male Dogs

  • Admiral: High-ranking naval officer
  • Ambrose: Meaning “immortal”
  • Argos: Ancient Greek city or Odysseus’s faithful dog
  • Ash: Remains of a fire or a type of tree
  • Atlas: Collection of maps or Titan supporting the heavens
  • Azure: Bright blue in color
  • Baltic: Relating to the Baltic Sea or region
  • Baron: A title of nobility
  • Basil: A fragrant herb
  • Biscuit: A baked, often crunchy food item
  • Bravo: Expression of approval
  • Brioche: Rich, light French pastry
  • Cairo: Capital city of Egypt
  • Captain: Leader or commander
  • Cedar: A type of evergreen tree
  • Chaplin: After the famous actor Charlie Chaplin
  • Cobalt: A chemical element, deep blue in hue
  • Cognac: Fine French brandy
  • Colonel: Senior military rank
  • Cosmo: Relating to the universe or cosmos
  • Czar: An emperor or ruler, especially of Russia
  • Dublin: Capital city of Ireland
  • Duke: A title of nobility
  • Elder: Someone who is older or an elderberry tree
  • Everest: Highest mountain in the world
  • Fuji: Active volcano in Japan
  • Galahad: Pure and noble knight from Arthurian legends
  • Gallant: Brave or heroic
  • Indigo: Deep blue-violet color
  • Java: A type of coffee or reference to Indonesia’s island
  • Juno: Roman goddess, protector of women
  • King: A male monarch
  • Knight: Warrior of noble status
  • Kyoto: City in Japan known for temples
  • Lancelot: Knight of King Arthur’s Round Table
  • Legend: A tale or story from the past
  • Mahogany: A type of rich, dark reddish-brown wood
  • Major: Greater in importance or military rank
  • Malt: Germinated cereal grains
  • Marco: Reference to Marco Polo, explorer
  • Merlin: Legendary magician in Arthurian legends
  • Mochi: Japanese rice cake
  • Nairobi: Capital city of Kenya
  • Neptune: Roman god of the sea
  • Noble: Having high moral qualities
  • Odyssey: A long journey or epic voyage
  • Onyx: A semi-precious gemstone
  • Orion: A prominent constellation
  • Osiris: Egyptian god of the afterlife
  • Pacific: Relating to the Pacific Ocean
  • Pecan: Edible nut from a hickory tree
  • Pharaoh: Ancient Egyptian ruler
  • Polar: Relating to the poles or extreme cold regions
  • Rigel: Brightest star in the Orion constellation
  • Ritz: Associated with luxury or high living
  • Rocky: Resembling or suggestive of rocks
  • Rome: Capital city of Italy
  • Rustic: Relating to the countryside
  • Rusty: Oxidized iron or resembling its color
  • Rye: A type of grain or whiskey
  • Sable: A small carnivorous mammal or black color
  • Sage: A wise person or a herb
  • Saxon: Relating to ancient Germanic tribe
  • Silver: A shiny, grey-white precious metal
  • Sir: A respectful or formal title
  • Spartan: Relating to ancient Sparta or austere and disciplined
  • Summit: Highest point of a hill or mountain
  • Thor: Norse god of thunder
  • Titan: Giant deity from Greek mythology
  • Tofu: Soybean curd, a food ingredient
  • Topaz: A precious gemstone
  • Tundra: Vast, flat Arctic region
  • Whiskey: Distilled alcoholic beverage
  • Windsor: British royal family’s name
  • Yogi: Someone proficient in yoga
  • Zephyr: A gentle, mild breeze

Dog Names For Old Male Dogs In Alphabetical Order

Names For Old Female Dogs

  • Alba: Dawn or white
  • Amber: Fossilized tree resin, often golden in color
  • Andromeda: Princess in Greek mythology or galaxy
  • Athena: Greek goddess of wisdom
  • Aurora: Natural light display in the sky, especially in polar areas
  • Azura: Blue or sky blue
  • Belle: Beautiful
  • Berry: Small pulpy fruit
  • Bianca: White in Italian
  • Breezy: Windy or carefree
  • Calypso: Sea nymph from Greek mythology
  • Cherry: Red fruit or the tree it grows on
  • Cleo: Short for Cleopatra, ancient Egyptian queen
  • Dahlia: Colorful, spiky flower
  • Damsel: Young woman
  • Delphi: Ancient Greek sanctuary
  • Duchess: Female ruler of a duchy
  • Elektra: Daughter of Agamemnon in Greek mythology
  • Empress: Female ruler of an empire
  • Enya: Derived from Eithne, meaning kernel or grain
  • Essence: Fundamental nature or most important ingredient
  • Florence: City in Italy or blossoming in Latin
  • Freya: Norse goddess of love and fertility
  • Frida: Reference to Frida Kahlo, famous painter
  • Fudge: Soft creamy candy
  • Giselle: A famous ballet or pledge
  • Glimmer: Faint or unsteady light
  • Goldie: Golden or precious
  • Hera: Queen of Greek gods
  • Isis: Egyptian goddess of health, marriage, and love
  • Ivory: Hard white material from tusks
  • Jade: Green gemstone
  • Lady: A polite or formal title
  • Lila: Means “night”
  • Lotus: Aquatic flower symbolizing purity
  • Lourdes: Town in France, pilgrimage site
  • Luna: Latin for Moon
  • Lyric: Expressing personal emotions or feelings
  • Mabel: Lovable
  • Magnolia: A flowering tree or shrub
  • Marina: Place for docking boats
  • Mauve: Pale purple color
  • Maven: Expert or connoisseur
  • Misty: Covered with mist
  • Nectar: Sweet liquid produced by flowers
  • Nile: Longest river in the world
  • Odette: Main character in the ballet Swan Lake
  • Olive: Small fruit or a peaceful gesture
  • Olympia: Home of ancient Greek Olympic games
  • Opal: Precious gemstone with play-of-color
  • Ophelia: A character from Shakespeare’s Hamlet
  • Paris: Capital city of France or Greek prince
  • Pearl: Hard, lustrous gem produced within mollusks
  • Peony: Large, colorful flower
  • Plum: Fruit or a deep purple color
  • Queenie: Female monarch
  • Regal: Of, resembling, or fit for a monarch
  • Rhea: Greek Titaness
  • Rosa: Latin for rose
  • Ruby: Red precious gemstone
  • Saffron: Valuable spice derived from flower
  • Savannah: Open plain or a city in Georgia
  • Sequoia: Large type of tree
  • Serene: Calm and peaceful
  • Sienna: Earthy reddish-brown color
  • Siren: Sea creature in Greek mythology, luring sailors
  • Sorbet: Frozen fruit dessert
  • Starlet: Young actress with potential to become a star
  • Terra: Latin for Earth
  • Tuscany: Region in Italy
  • Valencia: City in Spain or orange variety
  • Velvet: Soft, smooth fabric
  • Venus: Roman goddess of love
  • Victoria: Victory or a queen’s name
  • Vienna: Capital city of Austria
  • Vintage: Classic or high-quality from the past

Dog Names For Old Female Dogs In Alphabetical Order

Names That Means Elder/Senior Or Ancient

  • Ancestral: Relating to or inherited from ancestors
  • Ancient: Having been in existence for a long time; old-fashioned
  • Antique: Something made in an earlier period and valued for its age
  • Centennial: Relating to a hundred-year anniversary
  • Chrono: Relating to time
  • Classic: Judged over time to be of the highest quality
  • Decade: A period of ten years
  • Epoch: A period of time in history or a person’s life
  • Era: A long and distinct period in history
  • Historia: Relates to history or past events
  • Hoary: Grayish-white; aged
  • Legacy: Something handed down from the past
  • Majesty: Impressiveness; stateliness
  • Matriarch: Female head of a family or tribe, often older and wise
  • Olden: Relating to ancient times
  • Ora (from Yore): A time long past
  • Patriarch: Male head of a family or tribe, often older and wise
  • Prime: Refers to the best period or stage of a person’s life
  • Relic: An object surviving from an earlier time, especially historical
  • Revered: Feel deep respect or admiration for something
  • Seasoned: Having a lot of experience in a particular field
  • Timeless: Not affected by the passage of time; eternal
  • Twilight: The soft glowing light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon
  • Venerable: Accorded a great deal of respect due to age, wisdom, or character
  • Veteran: A person with long experience in a particular field
  • Wisdom: The quality of having knowledge, insight, and good judgment
  • Yesteryear: Time gone by; past years

Names For Old Dogs That Means Elder Senior Or Ancient

Dog Naming Tips For Old Dogs

Reflect Their Dignity

Elderly canines exude a distinct wisdom, a quiet grace developed over the years. A fitting name for such a seasoned companion should not only match this graceful maturity but also stand as a tribute to their long, fulfilling journey through life’s ups and downs.

Consider Physical Changes

Time leaves its mark, turning vibrant coats to shades of gray, or slowing once sprightly steps. When naming your older pet, embracing these changes by opting for names like “Silver” or “Wise” can serve as a poetic nod to their evolved appearance.

Simple And Recognizable

With the passage of years, clarity in communication becomes paramount. For an older dog, a name with one or two syllables is easier to recognize, cutting through potential distractions and making your calls instantly familiar to their ears.

Historical Or Cultural Significance

Delve into the annals of history, mythologies, or ancient legends when considering a name. Such choices not only add depth and significance but also treat your pet’s age as a thing of reverence, reminiscent of stories that have stood the test of time.

Steer Clear Of Command-Like Names

Clarity is crucial for our older companions. Names that mimic commands might muddle their comprehension. As the twilight years set in, it becomes increasingly vital to keep communication channels unambiguous, prioritizing their ease of understanding.

Say It Aloud

Age might have taken a toll on their hearing sensitivity. Before finalizing a name, it’s prudent to vocalize it multiple times, ensuring its audibility and checking if it garners a reaction from your furry friend, thereby ensuring a sound that resonates with them.

Convey Respect And Esteem

An elderly dog’s life is a tapestry of memories, adventures, and lessons. The name you choose should be a gentle salute to this intricate journey they’ve embarked upon, encapsulating the profound respect and unwavering affection you hold for them in your heart.

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