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The 5 Best Silent Dog Whistles To Stop Barking

Dog whistles can be employed as a training tool to curb excessive barking. By pairing the sound of the whistle with a command or signal, trainers can condition the dog to associate the sound with the need to stop barking. With consistency and positive reinforcement, a dog can be trained to halt its barking immediately upon hearing the whistle’s high-frequency sound.

There is a flurry of dog whistles in the market. Every manufacturer claims that their whistle is the best. However, this might not be the case. This is where we step in. We have researched the top whistles and selected the top 5 dog whistles to help you train your dog.

Silent Dog Whistle

5 Best Silent Dog Whistles to Stop Barking

Puspoch Pet Dog Whistle – 2 Pack

Puspoch Pet Dog Whistle – 2 Pack

The Puspoch Pet Dog Whistle is effective for those struggling with excessive dog barking. Its ultrasonic frequency, inaudible to humans but captivating for dogs, promises to curb unwanted noise from any dog, be it your own or a neighbor’s.

A standout feature is its adjustability, catering to a range of breeds from Beagles to Golden Retrievers. Made of 304 stainless steel, it ensures the safety of the dog’s hearing, which is a commendable aspect. Its impressive range, reaching 1000 meters, is a game-changer, allowing commands from a distance.

However, please note that the product’s success hinges on consistent training. While it has many benefits, it isn’t a magical solution—dedication to training is essential. Overall, the Puspoch whistle offers promise but demands patience.

Masterplug Dog Whistle – 2 Pack

Masterplug Dog Whistle – 2 Pack

The Masterplug Dog Whistle brings customization to the forefront of dog training. Its unique adjustable feature, operated by a simple nut and screw mechanism, lets pet owners fine-tune the whistle’s frequency. Observing a dog’s reactions can find the optimal setting that resonates most with their canine companion.

At its core, the whistle is designed for effective training. Boasting a reach of up to 25 meters ensures that your dog can hear you even when out of sight. Commanding a pet from a distance is invaluable, aiding in refining behaviors like sitting, healing, and lying down. However, while its reach is commendable, it might be limited for those training in larger open spaces or for more distant recall.

Safety and durability haven’t been overlooked. The whistle promises longevity, is constructed from stainless steel, and is accompanied by a protective lid. The accompanying lanyard is thoughtful, although some might prefer a more robust or adjustable strap option. Overall, the Masterplug Dog Whistle offers innovative features but does require careful consideration of its range for specific training environments.

Articlings Dog Whistle to Stop Barking

Articlings Dog Whistle to Stop Barking

The Articlings Dog Whistle boasts a user-friendly design tailored to address the woes of dog owners. Its anti-loss features, including a durable lanyard and a special lock nut, ensure that your whistle is always at hand, ready to issue commands. While the convenience is undeniable, the lock nut’s appearance might feel a bit clunky to some users seeking a sleeker design.

Tuning into the needs of individual dogs, the whistle’s adjustable frequencies cater to every canine’s unique hearing range. By observing the reactions, one can swiftly determine the most effective setting. But it’s not just about efficacy; it’s about safety too. The ultrasonic sound emitted guarantees your pet’s auditory health isn’t compromised.

With a claim of universal suitability, Articlings extends an invitation to all breeds, whether Labrador or Beagle. Despite its many attributes, users should approach with the understanding that effective training also requires patience and technique, not just the right tool.

Acme Silent Dog Whistle

Acme Silent Dog Whistle

The Acme Silent Dog Training Whistle is a training tool tailored for those seeking discretion and efficiency. Built with an adjustable frequency, it boasts a sound pitch that, while piercing to dogs, remains almost inaudible to the human ear, ensuring that training sessions don’t disturb others.

Originally developed for hunting dogs, its range is extensive, reaching 400 yards. Though impressive, users should be wary as real-world factors like wind direction and strength might reduce its effectiveness. The whistle’s solid brass construction, adorned with nickel plating, gives it durability and a touch of elegance.

Accompanied by a pitch register for easy adjustments and comprehensive instructions, it measures four inches conveniently. While its features are commendable, beginners might initially find achieving the right pitch challenging. Nonetheless, the Acme whistle is a noteworthy addition to any dog owner’s toolkit.

RISOEL Dog Whistle

RISOEL Dog Whistle

The RISOEL Dog Whistle is a versatile tool engineered for optimal canine responsiveness. Its adjustability feature, governed by a simple nut and screw, provides a tailored experience for every dog, ensuring that trainers can hone in on the frequency that evokes the strongest reaction from their pet.

Beyond mere dog training, its effectiveness extends to a radius of 25 meters, granting trainers the leverage to command their dogs even from a distance. This proves useful in diverse situations, from regular training commands like “sit” and “heal” to more urgent scenarios like curbing incessant barking. However, while its range is significant, it might fall short for those seeking to control their pets in larger open spaces.

Safety isn’t compromised, thanks to its 304 stainless steel construction and ultrasonic frequencies that are harmless to dogs. Moreover, its versatility in training other animals is a commendable plus, though its effectiveness on non-canine species is yet to be widely tested. Overall, RISOEL presents a promising aid, but potential users should weigh its benefits against its range limitations.

Buying Guide: Best Silent Dog Whistles

Adjustable Frequencies

This feature allows the whistle’s sound customization to match your dog’s unique hearing range. It ensures that the whistle effectively captures your pet’s attention, considering the variations in dog hearing sensitivities.


Signifying the distance from which the whistle can be heard, a good range is essential for trainers who operate in expansive outdoor spaces or wish to command their dog from afar.

Material & Durability

The make of the whistle, such as stainless steel, is a key indicator of its longevity and resistance to external factors like rust. A durable whistle ensures consistent performance over time.


An ideal whistle emits a frequency that, while audible to dogs, remains non-damaging to their ears. Prioritizing auditory safety ensures your pet isn’t harmed during training sessions.


Some whistles are designed to be effective with multiple animal types, not just dogs. This multi-purpose design can be beneficial for households with varied pets.

Design & Portability

The ergonomics of a whistle dictate how easy it is to carry and use. A compact design, potentially paired with a lanyard, can greatly enhance user convenience during training.

Anti-Loss Features

Additions like lock nuts or protective covers can be invaluable for outdoor trainers, ensuring the whistle isn’t easily misplaced or lost during sessions.


While cost is a consideration, it should reflect the whistle’s quality and features. Extremely low-priced options might compromise on essential characteristics.

User Reviews

Checking out feedback from other users provides real-world insights into the whistle’s performance. Reviews often highlight aspects not immediately evident from product descriptions.

Buying Guide Best Silent Dog Whistles

Dog Training Whistles Alternatives

  • Clickers: These are small handheld devices that produce a consistent clicking sound. They are commonly used in positive reinforcement training to mark the exact moment a dog performs a desired behavior.
  • Training Bells: Often used for potty training, dogs are taught to ring a bell when they want to go outside. It’s a clear way for dogs to communicate their needs without barking.
  • Electronic Training Collars: These collars deliver a stimulus to the dog, like a vibration or static correction, when the handler presses a remote button. They’re often used for distance training or behavior modification but should be used with caution and guidance.
  • Laser Pointers: Some trainers use laser pointers to direct a dog’s attention or guide them in a specific direction. However, prolonged or inappropriate use can cause obsessive behaviors in dogs.
  • Ultrasonic Remote Devices: These handheld devices emit high-frequency sound that is inaudible to most humans but can be heard by dogs. It’s used to interrupt unwanted behaviors from a distance.
  • Training Mats: These mats produce a static response when stepped on, discouraging pets from entering certain areas or jumping onto furniture.
  • Scent Markers: Utilizing specific scents or pheromones, these markers can attract or repel dogs from certain areas or guide them to specific locations for training.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to whistle train a dog?

Begin by associating the whistle sound with a reward or desired behavior. Every time you blow the whistle, offer a treat or praise. Over time, the dog will respond to the whistle, expecting a positive outcome.

What’s the right age to start using a dog whistle?

It’s suitable to use a dog whistle when a puppy begins obedience training, typically around 8-12 weeks old. However, the whistle’s frequency and intensity should be mild initially.

Can a dog whistle stop a dog barking?

Yes, a dog whistle can distract or interrupt a dog from barking by refocusing its attention. However, consistent training is required for a lasting effect.

Are ultrasonic dog whistles safe?

Ultrasonic dog whistles are generally safe as they emit frequencies specifically designed for a dog’s hearing without causing damage.

Is a dog whistle harmful to dogs?

When used correctly, a dog whistle is not harmful. However, excessively loud or prolonged exposure can cause distress or potential hearing damage.

Why isn’t the whistle working to stop my dog’s barking?

The whistle might not be effective if the dog hasn’t been trained to associate the sound with a specific behavior or if the frequency isn’t suitable for that particular dog.

How soon can I expect my dog to stop barking with a whistle?

Results vary among dogs. Some might respond immediately, while others require consistent training over several weeks.

Can I use a whistle to stop other unwanted behavior in my dog?

Yes, a whistle can be used as a cue to interrupt various unwanted behaviors. However, consistent training and positive reinforcement are key to ensuring success.

How to introduce my dog to a dog whistle?

Start by blowing the whistle gently at a considerable distance from the dog. Gradually decrease the distance, ensuring the dog remains calm and curious. Pair the whistle sound with treats or praise to create a positive association.

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