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The 5 Best Dog Barking Deterrent For Neighbors Dogs

Barking deterrents for neighbor’s dogs are devices designed to discourage excessive barking. They emit high-frequency sounds (ultrasonic) that dogs find unpleasant but are largely inaudible to humans. These devices can be triggered by a dog barking or manually activated. Examples include ultrasonic bark control devices and anti-bark birdhouses. They aim to create a quiet environment without causing harm to the dog.

This guide reviews the 5 best barking deterrents for neighbors’ dogs. All the products in this guide have been carefully selected after scrutinizing features and customer feedback. The article also covers a buying guide and an FAQ section to help you make the best purchase decision.

Dog Barking Deterrent For Neighbors Dogs

5 Best Barking Deterrents for Neighbors’ Dogs

Vitafor Anti Barking Device

Vitafor Anti Barking Device

The Vitafor Anti Barking Device is a humane, effective, and versatile solution for dog owners seeking to deter excessive barking. Its design incorporates ultrasonic sound technology, which is inaudible to humans but uncomfortable for dogs, serving as a deterrent. It claims to be effective up to 50 feet, with adjustable settings for different distances, allowing it to pick up barking from all directions. The ease of use is a significant selling point – it automatically emits an ultrasonic sound when it detects barking, meaning it’s hands-free and effective in training the dog over time.

It’s worth highlighting the device’s durable and weatherproof construction. The IPX4 water-resistance rating and its UV-resistant case ensure the device can be placed outdoors and exposed to the elements. It also incorporates energy-saving features, operating on a 9-Volt battery with an average lifespan of 5-6 months, depending on use, making it a cost-effective solution.

However, while the Vitafor Anti Barking Device has many commendable features, its effectiveness may be limited for certain dogs. It may not be suitable for aggressive dogs or those with hearing impairments. This caveat suggests it may not work universally, which could be a potential drawback for some users. Nevertheless, this device might be a viable, non-invasive solution for those struggling with their dog’s excessive barking.

Noltse Anti Barking Device – Rechargeable

Noltse Anti Barking Device – Rechargeable

The Noltse Anti Barking Device brings an innovative solution for curbing excessive dog barking through ultrasonic technology. It has adjustable sensitivity and frequency settings, suitable for dogs responding differently to various ultrasonic bands. This allows for customization depending on your dog’s sensitivity and the severity of the barking issue. The device’s effectiveness in maintaining a quiet environment, especially when the dog is overly excited, is a standout feature.

An appealing aspect of the Noltse device is its safety for dogs and humans. While the ultrasonic waves are potent to dogs, they are nearly imperceptible to humans, causing no disturbance to family members or neighbors. The device’s humane nature in not causing major punishment to dogs is also noteworthy. However, patience is needed as the results may not be immediate.

The device’s durability and convenience are commendable, with an IPX4 weatherproof rating and a shell made from fade-resistant ABS material. It also offers the convenience of USB charging, a significant cost-saving feature. However, a potential drawback could be its best-tested range within 33 feet, which may limit its effectiveness in larger outdoor spaces. While the device claims a range of up to 50 feet, its effectiveness diminishes over greater distances. Nonetheless, for dog owners seeking an easy-to-use and humane method to curb their pet’s excessive barking, the Noltse Anti Barking Device is a promising option.

Pignr Anti Barking Device – Hut Style

Pignr Anti Barking Device – Hut Style

The Pignr Anti Barking Device offers a solution for excessive dog barking using ultrasonic sound technology that is safe for dogs and people. Humans can’t hear these ultrasonic frequencies, but they are often uncomfortable for dogs, encouraging them to stop barking. The device lets users test different frequency bands, accommodating the varying sensitivities of different dogs. However, it’s noteworthy that some dogs might initially be scared or dislike the sound and not immediately cease barking, implying that patience is needed for optimal results.

What stands out about the Pignr device is its adaptability to all types of dogs. The device offers three adjustable sensitivity and frequency levels to cater to different ranges of barking intensity. The hands-free nature of the device, coupled with its effective ultrasonic range of 50ft, provides convenience for dog owners who want to train their dogs without much hassle.

Durability and weather resistance are key features of the Pignr device, making it suitable for outdoor usage under varying weather conditions. Its operation on a 9-volt battery which can last up to a month, depending on usage, is a plus. However, it is crucial to consider its stated ineffectiveness for certain categories of dogs: aggressive dogs, dogs in noisy environments, hearing-impaired dogs, multiple dogs together, and dogs under six months or over eight years old. This limitation might deter some potential users. Nevertheless, for those whose dogs fit the recommended categories, the Pignr Anti Barking Device could be a useful tool in controlling excessive barking.

Bark Boxes Dog Bark Deterrent Device

Bark Boxes Dog Bark Deterrent Device

The Bark Boxes Dog Bark Deterrent Device is a promising solution for dog owners or neighbors troubled by excessive dog barking. The device’s primary draw is its capability to effectively silence barking dogs within an impressive range of up to 75 feet, a feature that sets it apart from many other devices. The inclusion of multiple settings for low, medium, and high ranges gives users the flexibility to customize its usage based on their individual needs.

Tested and proven safe for animals and humans, this deterrent adopts a humane approach to curb excessive barking. The device emits an ultrasonic sound that, while uncomfortable for dogs, is inaudible to humans. However, patience is required as the barking dog may take up to two weeks to associate the ultrasonic sound with their barking.

Ease of use and durability are also highlights of the Bark Boxes Device. Its simple setup and operation, coupled with a durable, weatherproof design, make it a practical option for indoor and outdoor use. However, one potential downside is that it may not be effective for all dogs. Some dogs might not respond to the ultrasonic frequencies, resulting in continued barking. Despite this, the Bark Boxes Dog Bark Deterrent Device remains valuable for those dealing with constant, disruptive barking, offering a quieter environment.

Zlolen Dog Barking Control Device

Zlolen Dog Barking Control Device

The Zlolen Dog Barking Control Device presents a modern solution to the persistent issue of disruptive dog barking. Using ultrasonic technology, the device successfully grabs the attention of barking dogs without causing them harm, creating a more harmonious living environment. It effectively works for dogs aged between 6 months and 8 years, with a commendable control range of up to 50 feet that allows immediate action against disruptive barking.

The device stands out due to its three effective frequency modes, suited to varying types and sizes of dogs. Another distinctive trait is the automatic bark detection feature, which activates upon recognizing barks exceeding 84 dB. However, it’s worth mentioning that this sensitivity might not be suitable for extremely noisy environments or for dogs with a naturally lower bark volume, which may result in ineffective deterrence.

Beyond its functional benefits, the Zlolen Barking Control Device offers considerable convenience. Its 2000 mAh lithium battery, requiring a 4-hour charge for up to 45 days of use, minimizes the need for frequent recharging. Though it boasts a durable and waterproof design, it’s important to note that it isn’t designed to be completely submerged in water, which might limit its placement options in certain weather conditions. Nevertheless, the Zlolen device is a reliable and user-friendly tool for managing unwanted dog barking.

Buying Guide: Features to Consider Before Buying a Dog Barking Deterrent for Neighbors’ Dogs


One of the crucial aspects of a dog barking deterrent is the range it can cover. When dealing with your neighbor’s dogs, a device with a more extensive range is typically more effective. Those with a range of about 50 feet or more are often the most efficient as they ensure the ultrasonic waves are emitted to reach the dogs, regardless of location.

Adjustable Sensitivity

Adjustable sensitivity is another feature worth considering. This feature allows you to fine-tune the device so it only responds when the noise level reaches a particular threshold. This adjustment can be useful for preventing unnecessary activations, especially in environments with varying noise levels.

Frequency Levels

The frequency level of the device significantly impacts its effectiveness. The best deterrents offer adjustable frequency levels, allowing you to cater to different dogs’ sensitivities. Each dog might respond differently to various frequency bands. Hence having a device that lets you switch between multiple levels increases the chances of effectively managing the barking.


The safety of both the dogs and humans is paramount when choosing a dog barking deterrent. You should opt for devices that use ultrasonic sounds, which are harmless to dogs and imperceptible to humans. This way, you can control the barking while maintaining a peaceful environment.

Weatherproofing and Durability

Considering the device is likely to be used outdoors, it must withstand different weather conditions. High-quality dog barking deterrents are made from sturdy materials and are also water-resistant. This feature not only ensures the device’s durability but also its long-term effectiveness.

Charging and Battery Life

The method of charging and the device’s battery life are practical aspects to bear in mind. Devices equipped with rechargeable batteries that have a long lifespan are more convenient. Moreover, those that offer USB charging bring more flexibility as they can be charged using multiple devices like power banks and computers.

Ease of Installation and Use

Lastly, the ease of installation and use significantly affects the overall user experience. Devices that are easy to install, such as those that can be hung or mounted on a wall, tree, or fence, offer hassle-free set-up. Also, automatic bark detection adds to the device’s convenience, making it an effective tool even when you’re not present.

Buying Guide Features to Consider Before Buying a Dog Barking Deterrent for Neighbors' Dogs

Frequently Asked Questions

What are other ways to stop a neighbor’s dog from barking?

Other ways to stop a neighbor’s dog from barking include talking to your neighbor about the issue, using noise-canceling headphones or white noise machines to drown out the noise, or consulting with a local animal control or law enforcement agency if the problem persists.

Can I approach my neighbor for a barking dog?

Yes, you can approach your neighbor about their barking dog. It’s usually best to do this when you’re calm and prepared to discuss the matter in a friendly and constructive way.

Can I call animal control services if my neighbor’s dog barks too much?

If the barking is incessant and your neighbor is unresponsive to your concerns, you may call animal control services. However, it’s typically best to do this as a last resort and to be aware of local laws regarding noise disturbance.

Is using a barking control device for a neighbor’s dog allowed?

Using a barking control device for a neighbor’s dog is generally permitted. However, you must ensure the device is humane and doesn’t cause harm to the dog. It’s advisable to discuss the issue with your neighbor first before resorting to this.

Are barking deterrents for neighbor’s dogs safe for dogs?

Barking deterrents for neighbor’s dogs are designed to be safe for dogs. They emit ultrasonic sounds that irritate dogs but do not cause harm. Nonetheless, it’s recommended to choose devices that are certified as safe and humane.

Are barking deterrents safe for humans?

Barking deterrents are safe for humans. The ultrasonic sound waves they emit are at a frequency that is typically undetectable by human ears, so they should not cause any discomfort or harm to people.

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