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7 Best Bark Collar For Medium Dogs

Bark collars for medium-sized dogs can be an effective tool in controlling excessive barking when used responsibly. By delivering mild stimulation in response to barking, they can help reinforce quiet behavior. However, it’s essential to ensure the collar is appropriately fitted and to use it as part of a broader training approach focusing on positive reinforcement. Critics argue that these devices may suppress signs of underlying issues, so it is advisable to consult with a professional dog trainer or veterinarian to assess individual situations.

This article reviews the 7 best bark collars for medium-sized dogs. I have carefully scrutinized these collars and ensured you only get the best ones to work with.

Medium Dogs

7 Best Bark Collars for Medium-Sized Dogs

DINJOO Bark Control Collar

DINJOO Bark Control Collar

The DINJOO Bark Control Collar appears to be a highly advanced and user-friendly solution for dog owners looking to curb unwanted barking in their pets. Equipped with an automatic anti-barking feature and a protection mode that prevents overstimulation, it offers a noise-free environment for both family and neighbors.

With 4 working modes and 8 adjustable sensitivity levels, the collar provides humanized, effective, and safe training, allowing progressive training functions. The added benefit of a large LED color screen enhances user interaction, while quick charging and long-lasting battery life ensure ease of use.

One remarkable feature of the DINJOO collar is its upgraded technology designed to eliminate false triggering. Employing a smart dog bark recognition chip and motion detection technology, it guarantees that only the wearer’s barking activates the device. Its comfortable design accommodates various dog sizes, and the IP67 waterproof rating makes it suitable for all kinds of playful activities.

However, while the collar offers many desirable features, it may not be the perfect solution for all pet owners. Although designed to filter other dogs’ barking and prevent unnecessary punishment, activation at the highest sensitivity level is still possible when the dog’s barking is detected, which might lead to confusion or misinterpretation of behavior.

Regardless, DINJOO’s Bark Control Collar’s innovative design and thoughtful considerations make it a substantial investment for those struggling with dog barking issues, balancing technology and comfort.

HKZOOI Dog Training Collar with 2 Receivers

HKZOOI Dog Training Collar with 2 Receivers

The HKZOOI Dog Training Collar is an innovative product designed to help dog owners effectively manage undesirable behaviors. With its three individual training modes (beep, vibration, and shock) and the unique 1+2 channel design, it allows simultaneous training of two dogs without needing to reset settings. The remote’s long range of up to 1640ft in barrier-free areas and excellent battery life in both the remote and receiver contribute to its convenience in various training scenarios.

One of the standout features of this collar is its focus on safety. With a non-removable silicone protective prong and anti-accidental shock settings, it prioritizes your dog’s comfort and well-being during training sessions. The adjustable collar and IPX7 waterproof receiver further add to its appeal, making it suitable for dogs of various sizes and adaptable to different weather conditions.

However, one potential drawback of the HKZOOI Dog Training Collar is the non-waterproof nature of the remote, which may limit its use in some wet environments. Despite this minor inconvenience, the collar’s blend of functionality, flexibility, and safety measures makes it a valuable tool for those looking to enhance their dog training experience. Its wide-ranging features, and thoughtful design seem well-suited to meet the diverse needs of both novice and experienced dog owners.

NBJU Bark Collar for Dogs

NBJU Bark Collar for Dogs

The NBJU Bark Collar for Dogs is presented as a humane and effective training tool that aims to resolve unwanted barking behaviors. Its customizable 3 working modes and 7 adjustable sensitivity levels allow for tailored solutions to fit your dog’s unique temperament. An upgraded smart sensor with a premium chip ensures precise detection and prompt activation within 0.1 seconds of your dog barking. The scientific and safe training approach is further bolstered by a protection system that stops working temporarily if activated five times consecutively, preventing undue distress to your pet.

A particularly noteworthy aspect of the NBJU collar is its focus on comfort and safety. The silicone sleeves are designed to protect the dog’s skin, and its IP67 waterproof rating ensures that the collar functions well, even in damp conditions. With a quick charging time of only 30 minutes and up to 15 days of working time, the convenience factor is undoubtedly high, especially considering its suitability for various dog sizes.

However, despite these numerous benefits, some users may find the quick activation of 0.1 seconds to be too sensitive for their needs. It might lead to activation even for softer or non-problematic barks, causing potential confusion for the dog. This slight issue aside, the NBJU Bark Collar offers a compassionate approach to bark correction, combining efficiency with thoughtful design to accommodate a wide variety of canine companions.

NPS No Shock Bark Collar for Small to Large Dogs

NPS No Shock Bark Collar for Small to Large Dogs

The NPS No Shock Bark Collar for Dogs offers a humane, non-intrusive solution to persistent barking problems. Utilizing a combination of vibration and sound that increases in intensity as barking continues, this collar provides a trauma-free correction process. Its smart chip technology automatically detects barking, increasing the intensity of the correction without needing a remote, making it a hands-free option for the owner. The waterproof feature adds to its robustness, making it suitable for outdoor use.

One of the unique selling points of the NPS collar is its ability to discern between barking and other noises, such as growling or scratching. This ensures that the collar isn’t falsely triggered, preventing confusion during training. The lightweight and hypoallergenic fabric, along with the fully adjustable collar, contributes to the overall comfort, and including replacement prongs and batteries is a thoughtful touch.

However, while the device’s increasing intensity feature is touted as a positive, some users might find it a drawback, particularly if their pet responds negatively to escalating correction. It might not suit dogs that need a more constant or gentle form of guidance. Despite this potential concern, the NPS No Shock Bark Collar is an empathetic approach to bark training, combining efficiency with careful consideration for the dog’s well-being.

Trulrox Anti-Bark Collar for Medium Dogs

Trulrox Anti-Bark Collar for Medium Dogs

The Trulrox Anti-Bark Collar for Dogs is an innovative tool designed to curb unnecessary barking in dogs ranging from small to large sizes. Its reflective belt and adjustable collar provide a good fit for dogs weighing 6 to 150 lbs. The smart technology ensures that the collar only activates when your dog barks, eliminating any false triggers from other sounds or nearby dogs. Two optional modes, including a shock or non-shock option, allow the owner to choose the most suitable method for their pet.

The collar’s waterproof feature and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 10 days on a 2-hour charge add to its convenience. The protection mode, which automatically stops the collar if triggered seven times a minute, reflects a thoughtful design, prioritizing the safety and well-being of the pet.

However, despite its intelligent design and versatility, a potential drawback could be the ABS PC, which may not be as durable or comfortable as other materials. This could affect the long-term wearability and robustness of the collar. Nevertheless, the Trulrox Anti-Bark Collar offers a promising solution for dog owners seeking an effective and humane way to train their dogs against excessive barking.

PetYeah Dog Bark Collar

PetYeah Dog Bark Collar

The PetYeah Dog Bark Collar is a tech-savvy solution for dog owners looking to manage their pets’ barking. Designed with an Intelligent Identification Chip, this collar uniquely filters out other sounds to prevent false triggers, focusing solely on the dog’s bark. The dual anti-barking modes provide customized training, including a shock and non-shock option with five adjustable intensity levels. Additionally, the digital display and color-coded lights make it easy to understand your mode and level.

With its rechargeable USB battery that lasts about 10 days on a 2-3 hour charge, the collar is convenient for continuous use. Plus, the IP67 waterproof design ensures that the collar functions even in rain or other adverse weather conditions. It’s adjustable for dogs weighing 8 to 120 lbs, making it versatile across various breeds.

However, a possible drawback might be the collar’s material made of ABS+PC. Depending on the design and finishing, this may not offer the most comfort for prolonged usage, potentially leading to irritation or discomfort for some dogs. Despite this, the PetYeah Dog Bark Collar’s intelligent features and adaptable settings make it an appealing choice for many dog owners.

DogRook Dog Bark Collar

DogRook Dog Bark Collar

DogRook’s Dog Bark Collar is an innovative solution for those looking to train their dogs without the use of shocks. The collar’s dual system of vibration and sound, offering 2 vibration modes and 7 sound stages, provides a humane and highly adaptive training method. Moreover, the collar is tailored to fit dogs of all sizes from 8 to 110 lbs and even includes prong covers for long-haired breeds. Its sensitivity levels can be adjusted according to environmental noise, ensuring that the collar responds only to your dog’s unique bark.

The waterproof design, suitable for rain, snow, and splashes, adds to its usability. Additionally, the rechargeable feature offers up to 14 days of battery life, making it convenient for indoor and outdoor use. The philosophy of training the dog to be relaxed and trusting rather than scared is a positive approach that resonates with many dog owners.

However, the drawback might be in the collar’s sensitivity adjustment. Finding the perfect sensitivity level might be challenging for some users depending on the dog’s environment and the other sounds present. Misadjustment could lead to either non-responsiveness or unnecessary activation. Despite this, the DogRook Dog Bark Collar offers a pain-free, tailored solution that could benefit many pet owners and their beloved pups.

Buying Guide: Features to Consider Before Buying a Bark Collar for Medium Dogs

Size and Adjustability

  • Size: The collar’s length typically ranges from 14 to 20 inches for medium-sized dogs. Always measure your dog’s neck to choose the right size.
  • Adjustability: Look for adjustable collars that can be easily modified to fit your dog’s neck perfectly.


  • Durability: Opt for durable materials like leather or heavy-duty nylon that can withstand pulling and everyday wear.
  • Comfort: Softer materials or padded linings can provide additional comfort.

Closure Type

  • Buckle: Traditional and secure, but it might take longer to put on or take off.
  • Quick Release: Allows for easy removal, but ensure it’s strong enough to hold during pulling.


  • Standard Collar: For everyday use, including walking and identification.
  • Training Collar: Includes features for behavior correction, like vibrations or sounds.
  • Reflective Collar: Good for nighttime visibility.

Additional Features

  • Waterproof: If your dog enjoys water activities, consider a waterproof collar.
  • Rechargeable: For electronic training collars, look for long-lasting and rechargeable batteries.
  • Tag Attachments: Ensure there’s a secure ring to attach ID tags or a leash.

Design and Aesthetics

  • Style: Choose a design that reflects your dog’s personality and looks good.
  • Color: Select a color that is visible against your dog’s fur for safety and aesthetics.

Health Considerations

  • Hypoallergenic: If your dog has sensitive skin, consider hypoallergenic materials.
  • Non-Choking Design: Consider designs that distribute pressure evenly, especially if your dog pulls.


  • Budget: Quality collars can range widely in price. Decide your budget and find a collar that offers the best value within that range.

Buying Guide Features to Consider Before Buying a Bark Collar for Medium Dogs

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can a dog wear a bark collar daily?

A dog can generally wear a bark collar for up to 12 hours daily. However, it’s advised to consult the specific manufacturer’s guidelines and your veterinarian, as prolonged use may cause discomfort or skin irritation.

Are bark collars safe and humane?

Yes, bark collars designed with vibration or sound cues can be safe and humane when used properly. It’s vital to choose a collar that fits well, offers adjustable sensitivity levels, and does not rely on painful shock therapy.

What are other options to keep my dog quiet?

Alternatives to bark collars include positive reinforcement training, providing mental and physical stimulation through toys and exercise, hiring a professional dog trainer, or using indoor barriers and soundproofing to minimize triggers that might cause barking.

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