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Bark Begone Dog Trainer Review

The Bark Begone Dog Trainer claims to be the answer for those struggling with their dog’s unruly behavior, offering ultrasonic sound as a corrective measure. But does it live up to its claims? Let’s delve deep into its features and benefits.

Bark Begone Dog Trainer – Anti Barking Dog Device

Bark Begone Dog Trainer - Anti Barking Dog Device

Quick Overview

  • Range: 70 ft
  • Dimensions: 8.57 x 3.1 x 1.4 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 oz
  • Sound Settings: 2
  • Suitable Dog Weight: 5-120 lbs

Bark Begone Dog Trainer – Detailed Review

Ultimate Handheld Dog Trainer

Bark Begone is a paramount tool for correcting excessive barking, offering a collar-free solution through ultrasonic technology. However, as it’s handheld, it requires active engagement from the owner, potentially making consistent training challenging for those with busy schedules.

Ultimate Handheld Dog Trainer

Safety First

Prioritizing your pet’s well-being, the device emits ultrasonic sounds proven safe for dogs. Yet, while the sound is harmless, some particularly sensitive dogs might find it startling or uncomfortable, which could impact training effectiveness.

Combat Bad Behaviors

Inaudible to humans, the Bark Begone’s ultrasonic emitters claim superiority over traditional training clickers. But, while many find it effective, the unique ultrasonic method might not be universally impactful for all dog breeds or temperaments, potentially leading to varied results.

Impressive Range

With a standout range of up to 70 feet, this device is primed for indoor and outdoor settings. However, some users have noted that this range might diminish or become inconsistent in areas with significant external noise or interference.

Impressive Range

Dual Sound Settings

The adaptability provided by the two settings is indeed commendable. The first caters to everyday training, while the second, more potent setting is designed for the outdoors. That said, if misused or overused, the more aggressive outdoor setting might be too intense for some dogs, especially the sensitive ones.


  • Safe ultrasonic sound ensures no harm to pets
  • Convenient for users with its lightweight and adjustable strap
  • The impressive 70 ft range is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage
  • Dual sound settings provide versatility in training
  • Effective in getting quick results in behavior correction


  • It may not be effective on all dog breeds or temperaments
  • Overreliance on the device may limit traditional bonding and training methods
  • The second, more aggressive setting may not be suitable for sensitive dogs

Customer Feedback

People who liked it

  • Customers rave about the impressive 70 ft range, saying it provides great control even when their dogs wander far in the park.
  • Many users appreciate its lightweight design at 2.2 oz, making it extremely convenient to carry during walks.
  • Several buyers have found the two sound settings beneficial, allowing them to adjust based on their training needs and environment.

People who didn’t like it

  • Some users mention that it didn’t work effectively for their larger dogs closer to the 120 lbs limit despite the two sound settings.
  • A few customers have expressed concerns about the device’s dimensions, feeling it’s a tad bulky for their preference.
  • There have been reports from people who used this that the range isn’t consistent, especially in areas with a lot of external noise or interference.

Customer Feedback

Final Words: Should I Buy Bark Begone Dog Trainer?

The Bark Begone Dog Trainer certainly offers an innovative approach to dog training, removing the need for physical collars. With its dual settings and impressive range, it provides flexibility to the user. However, as with any training tool, it’s essential to understand your dog’s needs and temperament to use it effectively. In the right hands, this could be a game-changer in dog training.

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