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160 Best Dog Names For Hockey Fans

Hockey is an exhilarating sport loved by many, and it holds a special place in the hearts of fans and players alike. It brings people together, ignites passion, and fosters a sense of camaraderie. Similarly, the bond between a dog and its owner is an extraordinary connection filled with love, loyalty, and companionship.

Choosing a dog name from a hockey-inspired theme adds a unique and personal touch to your furry friend’s identity. It reflects your passion for the sport and allows you to showcase your love for hockey every time you call your dog’s name.

Whether it’s a legendary player’s name, a term associated with the game, or the name of a favorite team, it creates a meaningful link between your beloved pet and the sport you adore.

Get inspired by this guide to find the perfect hockey-themed name for your best pet friend! From famous players to team names, we have plenty of options for male and female dogs. Choose a name that reflects your love for the game and celebrates your furry friend’s unique personality.

Dogs playing hockey

30 Male Dog Names For Hockey Fans

  1. Crosby: Skilled and influential hockey player.
  2. McDavid: Dynamic and talented on the ice.
  3. Matthews: Strong and determined presence in the game.
  4. Ovechkin: Powerful and goal-scoring machine.
  5. Kane: Agile and skilled forward with finesse.
  6. Price: Reliable and dominant goaltender.
  7. Karlsson: Offensive-minded and smooth-skating defenseman.
  8. Bergeron: Versatile and defensively responsible player.
  9. Subban: Charismatic and energetic on and off the ice.
  10. Tavares: Leader and offensive force for the team.
  11. Stamkos: Explosive scorer and team captain.
  12. Kucherov: Electric playmaker with incredible skill.
  13. Doughty: Strong and intelligent defenseman.
  14. Lundqvist: Legendary and consistent goaltender.
  15. Quick: Agile and quick reflexes in the net.
  16. Rinne: Tall and athletic goaltender with great instincts.
  17. Rask: Cool and composed netminder with strong positioning.
  18. Malkin: Highly skilled and creative forward.
  19. Marchand: Agitator and skilled scorer.
  20. Hall: Dynamic and speedy forward with great offensive abilities.
  21. Josi: Smooth-skating and reliable defenseman.
  22. Vasilevskiy: Dominant and athletic goaltender.
  23. Hedman: Towering and skilled defenseman.
  24. MacKinnon: Explosive and dynamic offensive player.
  25. Marner: Crafty and playmaking forward.
  26. Laine: Deadly shooter with a powerful shot.
  27. Gaudreau: Agile and creative forward with great puck-handling.
  28. Pietrangelo: Solid and all-around skilled defenseman.
  29. Barzal: Quick and elusive playmaker.
  30. Hellebuyck: Athletic and reliable goaltender with great reflexes.

Dogs playing hockey

30 Female Dog Names For Hockey Fans

  1. Hayley: Strong and skilled female hockey player.
  2. Cassie: Energetic and determined on the ice.
  3. Cammi: Agile and goal-scoring forward.
  4. Kendall: Quick and versatile player on the team.
  5. Angela: Leader and influential presence in the game.
  6. Natalie: Talented and dynamic player on the ice.
  7. Shannon: Tenacious and hardworking hockey player.
  8. Marie-Philip: Exceptional and dominant female player.
  9. Jocelyne: Skilled and dedicated on the ice.
  10. Amanda: Smart and strategic player in the game.
  11. Hilary: Powerful and skilled female hockey player.
  12. Emily: Agile and talented player on the ice.
  13. Bailey: Energetic and lively presence on the team.
  14. Laura: Reliable and consistent player in the game.
  15. Blake: Strong and agile player on the ice.
  16. Annie: Quick and versatile player on the team.
  17. Brianna: Skillful and goal-scoring forward.
  18. Nicole: Committed and dedicated player on the ice.
  19. Meaghan: Competitive and determined hockey player.
  20. Sarah: Skilled and disciplined presence in the game.
  21. Meghan: Influential and talented female hockey player.
  22. Hannah: Resilient and hardworking player on the ice.
  23. Kacey: Versatile and dependable player on the team.
  24. Dani: Agile and skilled player in the game.
  25. Icing: Violation resulting in a stoppage of play.
  26. Blue Line: Boundary separating offensive and defensive zones.
  27. Loren: Energetic and determined player on the ice.
  28. Elizabeth: Strong and influential presence in the game.
  29. Sidney: Legendary and skilled hockey player.
  30. Rylee: Agile and dynamic presence on the team.

30 Female Dog Names For Hockey Fans

20 Dog Names Related To Hockey Teams

These names are inspired by various NHL team names, offering a unique way to showcase your love for hockey through your dog’s name.

  1. Jets: Fast and powerful on the ice.
  2. Canucks: Energetic and determined team.
  3. Flames: Fiery and intense presence in the game.
  4. Oilers: Skilled and efficient team.
  5. Maple: Strong and iconic symbol of Canada.
  6. Bruins: Tenacious and physical team.
  7. Leafs: Historic and dedicated team.
  8. Canadiens: Legendary and successful franchise.
  9. Senators: Resilient and competitive team.
  10. Lightning: Dynamic and electrifying on the ice.
  11. Panthers: Agile and stealthy team.
  12. Sabres: Fierce and determined presence in the game.
  13. Rangers: Historic and competitive franchise.
  14. Islanders: Strong and united team.
  15. Devils: Intense and strategic presence on the ice.
  16. Flyers: Energetic and relentless team.
  17. Penguins: Skillful and cohesive team.
  18. Capitals: Dominant and powerful presence in the game.
  19. Hurricanes: Energetic and storm-like team.
  20. Predators: Agile and fierce on the ice.

Dogs playing hockey

25 Dog Names Inspired By Legendary Hockey Players

These names pay homage to some of the greatest and most influential hockey players in history. Your dog will carry the name of a legend!

  1. Gretzky: The greatest and most accomplished hockey player.
  2. Howe: A legend known for longevity and skill.
  3. Lemieux: Dominant and talented scorer.
  4. Orr: Revolutionary defenseman, redefined the position.
  5. Richard: A goal-scoring machine and iconic figure.
  6. Hull: Known for a powerful shot and scoring prowess.
  7. Beliveau: Respected leader and highly skilled center.
  8. Roy: Clutch goaltender with numerous championships.
  9. Esposito: Prolific goal scorer and dominant center.
  10. Messier: Strong leader and versatile player.
  11. Sawchuk: Legendary goaltender with exceptional skills.
  12. Bourque: Skilled and dynamic defenseman.
  13. Mikita: Artful and creative center.
  14. Lafleur: Electrifying scorer and key part of a dynasty.
  15. Hasek: Dominant and unorthodox goaltender.
  16. Yzerman: Respected leader and skilled two-way player.
  17. Plante: Innovator of the goaltending position.
  18. Clarke: Fierce competitor and skilled center.
  19. Harvey: Smooth-skating and highly intelligent defenseman.
  20. Potvin: Physical and skilled defenseman.
  21. Brodeur: Winningest goaltender with exceptional skills.
  22. Lidstrom: Perfectly skilled and intelligent defenseman.
  23. Sakic: Highly skilled and respected center.
  24. Bossy: Lethal goal scorer with incredible accuracy.
  25. Trottier: Versatile and skilled center, key figure in a dynasty.

25 Dog Names Inspired By Legendary Hockey Players

55 Other Unique Hockey Inspired Dog Names

These names are inspired by various aspects of hockey and its terminology. They add a fun and sporty touch to your dog’s name!

  1. Puck
  2. Slapshot
  3. Hat Trick
  4. Zamboni
  5. Blade
  6. Bauer
  7. Check
  8. Netminder
  9. Winger
  10. Center
  11. Breakaway
  12. Biscuit
  13. Deke
  14. Faceoff
  15. Backcheck
  16. Power Play
  17. Wrister
  18. Penalty Kill
  19. Rink
  20. Rebound
  21. Offside
  22. Stickhandling
  23. Shootout
  24. Blocker
  25. Breakout
  26. Goal Line
  27. Body Check
  28. Top Shelf
  29. Overtime
  30. Cross Check
  31. Face Mask
  32. Forecheck
  33. Dangle
  34. Goalie
  35. Neutral Zone
  36. Puck Drop
  37. Stick Tape
  38. Goal Crease
  39. Snap Shot
  40. Penalty Box
  41. High Sticking
  42. Blue Paint
  43. One-Timer
  44. Penalty Shot
  45. TD
  46. Gila
  47. SAP
  48. United
  49. Xcel
  50. Bell
  51. Enterprise
  52. Madison
  53. Staples
  54. Amalie
  55. Bridgestone

55 Other Unique Hockey Inspired Dog Names


When you name your dog after a hockey-related term, it’s like celebrating the spirit of the game with every interaction. Just like hockey brings joy and excitement, your dog’s name will evoke that same enthusiasm and energy. It becomes a conversation starter among fellow hockey fans and a testament to your shared love for the sport.

Furthermore, having a hockey-inspired dog name can also be a way to express your team loyalty. It’s a proud declaration of support for your favorite team, showcasing your dedication and enthusiasm both on and off the ice. Your dog becomes a furry mascot, cheering alongside you as you watch the games and creating lasting memories.

In the end, whether your dog’s name represents a legendary player, a hockey term, or your team loyalty, it adds a unique flair to your four-legged companion. It solidifies the bond between you and your dog, intertwining the love for your pet furry friend and the passion for the exhilarating world of hockey.

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