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100 Plus Dog Names For Basketball Fans

Are you a die-hard basketball fan who also happens to be a proud dog owner? If so, you’re in for a treat! Naming your beloved canine companion after your favorite NBA basketball stars and teams is a fantastic way to combine your passion for the sport with your love for your furry friend.

In this post, I will explore a slam dunk selection of NBA-inspired dog names that capture the spirit, energy, and charisma of the game. Whether you root for the Lakers, Bulls, Warriors, or any other team, we’ve got a roster of names that will make your pooch feel like an MVP on and off the court.

Dogs Basketball

100 Plus Best Basketball Dog Names

Basketball, known for its fast-paced action and teamwork, shares a special connection with our canine companions. Just like basketball players, dogs possess agility, determination, and an unwavering loyalty that mirrors the sport’s values. Naming your dog after NBA basketball legends and teams celebrates the bond between two dynamic entities and adds a playful touch to your furry friend’s identity.

So, lace up your sneakers, grab a basketball, and let’s dive into the world of NBA basketball-related dog names that are sure to make heads turn at the dog park!

20 Best Basketball Dog Names Inspired By Players

  1. Mamba: Inspired by Kobe Bryant, known for his fierce and determined playing style.
  2. King: Inspired by LeBron James, considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time.
  3. Magic: Inspired by Magic Johnson, renowned for his exceptional passing and playmaking abilities.
  4. Chef: Inspired by Stephen Curry, known for his incredible shooting skills and ability to “cook” on the court.
  5. Slim Reaper: Inspired by Kevin Durant, a long and agile player with a lethal scoring touch.
  6. Diesel: Inspired by Shaquille O’Neal, a dominant and powerful force on the basketball court.
  7. Birdie: Inspired by Larry Bird, a legendary player known for his versatile skills and basketball IQ.
  8. Admiral: Inspired by David Robinson, a respected and accomplished basketball player.
  9. Dream: Inspired by Hakeem Olajuwon, known for his extraordinary footwork and post moves.
  10. Mailman: Inspired by Karl Malone, one of the most prolific scorers and efficient power forwards in NBA history.
  11. Ice Man: Inspired by George Gervin, known for his smooth and graceful scoring abilities.
  12. Big O: Inspired by Oscar Robertson, the only player in NBA history to average a triple-double for an entire season.
  13. Pistol: Inspired by Pete Maravich, a creative and flashy player with exceptional ball-handling and scoring skills.
  14. Worm: Inspired by Dennis Rodman, a tenacious defender and rebounder known for his hustle and energy.
  15. J: Inspired by Julius Erving, a high-flying and innovative player who revolutionized the game.
  16. Zeke: Inspired by Isiah Thomas, a skilled and charismatic point guard who led the Detroit Pistons to multiple championships.
  17. Clyde: Inspired by Clyde Drexler, a versatile and athletic shooting guard known for his scoring and dunking abilities.
  18. Fundamental: Inspired by Tim Duncan, a fundamentally sound and consistent player known for his team-oriented style.
  19. Glove: Inspired by Gary Payton, a defensive specialist and tenacious point guard known for his ability to “lock down” opponents.
  20. Pistolero: Inspired by Manu Ginobili, a crafty and fearless player known for his Eurostep and clutch performances.

Dogs Basketball

20 Best Dog Names Inspired By Basketball Teams

  1. Lakers: Referring to the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team.
  2. Bulls: Referring to the Chicago Bulls basketball team.
  3. Warriors: Referring to the Golden State Warriors basketball team.
  4. Celtics: Referring to the Boston Celtics basketball team.
  5. Spurs: Referring to the San Antonio Spurs basketball team.
  6. Knicks: Referring to the New York Knicks basketball team.
  7. Rockets: Referring to the Houston Rockets basketball team.
  8. Raptors: Referring to the Toronto Raptors basketball team.
  9. Trail Blazers: Referring to the Portland Trail Blazers basketball team.
  10. Cavaliers: Referring to the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team.
  11. 76ers: Referring to the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team.
  12. Mavericks: Referring to the Dallas Mavericks basketball team.
  13. Clippers: Referring to the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team.
  14. Suns: Referring to the Phoenix Suns basketball team.
  15. Pacers: Referring to the Indiana Pacers basketball team.
  16. Grizzlies: Referring to the Memphis Grizzlies basketball team.
  17. Timberwolves: Referring to the Minnesota Timberwolves basketball team.
  18. Pelicans: Referring to the New Orleans Pelicans basketball team.
  19. Nets: Referring to the Brooklyn Nets basketball team.
  20. Pistons: Referring to the Detroit Pistons basketball team.

Dogs Basketball

20 Male Dog Names Inspired By Basketball

  1. Dunker: Skilled at dunking the ball.
  2. Alleyoop: Excels at catching and scoring off alley-oop plays.
  3. Rebounder: Great at grabbing rebounds.
  4. Hoopster: A lover of the game of basketball.
  5. Cager: A basketball player.
  6. Baller: Skilled basketball player.
  7. Shooter: Known for their shooting skills.
  8. Spike: Jumps high to block shots or grab rebounds.
  9. Jumper: Excellent at shooting jump shots.
  10. Swisher: Consistently makes shots without touching the rim.
  11. Netter: Skilled at making shots that cleanly go through the net.
  12. Racker: Known for their rebounding ability.
  13. Dribbler: Skilled at handling the ball with quick and precise dribbles.
  14. Slammer: Excels at powerful dunks.
  15. Ace: Exceptional player or performer.
  16. Rims: Refers to the basketball hoop.
  17. Guard: Position that focuses on defense and ball handling.
  18. Crossover: Skilled at dribbling moves to quickly change direction.
  19. Ace: Highly skilled player.
  20. Scorekeeper: Keeps track of points scored during a game.

Dogs basketball

20 Female Dog Names Inspired By Basketball

  1. Hoops: Symbolizing the game of basketball.
  2. Skylar: Inspired by Skylar Diggins-Smith, a professional basketball player.
  3. Maya: Inspired by Maya Moore, a renowned basketball player.
  4. Elena: Inspired by Elena Delle Donne, a prominent basketball player.
  5. Candace: Inspired by Candace Parker, a notable basketball player.
  6. Cheryl: Inspired by Cheryl Miller, a legendary basketball player.
  7. Lisa: Inspired by Lisa Leslie, a trailblazing basketball player.
  8. Tina: Inspired by Tina Thompson, an accomplished basketball player.
  9. Tamika: Inspired by Tamika Catchings, a respected basketball player.
  10. Sheryl: Inspired by Sheryl Swoopes, a pioneering basketball player.
  11. Seimone: Inspired by Seimone Augustus, a talented basketball player.
  12. Breanna: Inspired by Breanna Stewart, a skilled basketball player.
  13. Diana: Inspired by Diana Taurasi, a legendary basketball player.
  14. Sabrina: Inspired by Sabrina Ionescu, a rising basketball star.
  15. Asia: Inspired by Asia Durr, a promising basketball player.
  16. Liz: Inspired by Liz Cambage, a dominant basketball player.
  17. Nneka: Inspired by Nneka Ogwumike, a formidable basketball player.
  18. Sylvia: Inspired by Sylvia Fowles, a formidable basketball player.
  19. Katie: Inspired by Katie Smith, a respected basketball player.
  20. Candice: Inspired by Candice Dupree, a skilled basketball player.

NBA basketball.

25 Other Unique Dog Names Related To Basketball

  1. Airball: Missed shot.
  2. Buzzer: End of a quarter or game.
  3. Netty: Basketball net.
  4. Rebound: Grabbing the ball after a missed shot.
  5. Alley: Alley-oop play.
  6. Oop: Alley-oop play.
  7. Pivot: Footwork technique.
  8. Dribble: Bouncing the ball.
  9. Layup: Close-range shot.
  10. Swish: Clean shot through the net.
  11. Swoosh: Sound of a clean shot.
  12. Floater: Soft touch shot.
  13. Hookshot: One-handed sweeping shot.
  14. Shoota: Skilled shooter.
  15. Zhoop: Sound of the ball through the net.
  16. Inbound: Returning the ball into play.
  17. Halfcourt: Area between midcourt and baseline.
  18. Blocker: Player who blocks shots.
  19. Steal: Taking the ball from an opponent.
  20. Rack: Basketball hoop/net.
  21. Jazz: Utah-based basketball team.
  22. Bucks: Milwaukee-based basketball team.
  23. Nuggets: Denver-based basketball team.
  24. Thunder: Oklahoma City-based basketball team.
  25. Heat: Miami-based basketball team.

25 Other Unique Dog Names Related To Basketball

Tips To Help Choose The Best Name For Your Dog

  • Keep it short: Opt for a name with one or two syllables for easier recognition.
  • Consider their appearance: Choose a name that matches your dog’s physical attributes or distinctive features.
  • Reflect their personality: Select a name that reflects your dog’s unique traits and temperament.
  • Avoid confusion: Pick a name that doesn’t sound similar to common commands or family members’ names.
  • Test it out: See how the name sounds when you call it out loud to ensure it’s easy to pronounce and doesn’t sound awkward.
  • Stay positive: Choose a name that has a positive association and brings joy or happiness.
  • Timelessness matters: Consider names that will still suit your dog as they grow older, avoiding trendy or temporary choices.
  • Trust your gut: Ultimately, go with a name that resonates with you and feels right for your furry friend.


In conclusion, naming your dog after NBA basketball players, teams, or related terms is a fun and unique way for basketball fans to showcase their passion for the sport.

Whether it’s choosing a name inspired by legendary players or representing your favorite team, these names add a special touch to your furry friend’s identity. Remember to consider factors like personality, appearance, and ease of recognition when selecting the perfect name.

By choosing a basketball-related name for your dog, you not only pay homage to the game but also create a lasting connection between your love for basketball and your beloved canine companion.

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